Deliver Demand Marketing ROI

When you’re on the hook to deliver ROI from your marketing efforts, there’s always room for improvement. The Integrate platform maximizes the return on demand generation investments.



Integrate's software delivers the tools to help you improve return on your media investment. It connects the dots between the budget you’re spending on the front end to acquire new prospects and the results on the back end as they move through your pipeline. When you close the loop between your media dollars and your marketing systems, media finally becomes accountable within marketing’s overall framework.

We have no preference in which marketing automation or CRM you use. Eloqua, Marketo, HubSpot, Pardot, Salesforce, even proprietary databases – we love them all!


Closing the loop is a vital step in getting the big picture. Once it’s done, you can clearly see how much value each campaign, source and piece of content is contributing to your marketing and sales goals. It becomes easy to answer questions like:
  • How many new opportunities did each campaign initiate this week?
  • Which of my media partners is driving the most SQLs?
  • What's the average lifetime value of customers who started as an inquiry from this whitepaper?

The next step is taking action on those insights. Integrate makes it easy to execute in-flight campaign changes. Swap out content. Shift budget. Change targeting parameters. By focusing on what’s working and scaling back on what’s not, you can increase conversion rates, decrease cost per opportunity and ultimately drive more revenue.

See how DocuSign closed the loop to decrease its average cost per opportunity by 56%. 




Delivering ROI is not just about getting better results from your programs. It’s also about how much time your team has to invest to get those results. The efficiency that our customers gain as a result of our automated approach to outbound demand gen makes a huge impact on reducing operational overhead.

The software also helps our customers boost the return on their marketing automation (MA) investment. By preventing bad leads from ever reaching your MA system, you can avoid wasting precious contact limits on unqualified contacts. And by getting leads into nurture tracks faster, chances are you’ll see noteworthy increases in your engagement rates.

Five9 saves 40 hours a month by automating manual marketing tasks and receives 23% higher data quality thanks to Integrate.

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