Meet Pipeline & Acquisition Goals

Chances are your target metrics are becoming more revenue-focused with each quarter and your responsibility to drive qualified prospects and customers is increasing. Integrate makes it easy to scale outbound programs so you can meet growing pipeline and acquisition goals.

Build a Customized Partner Ecosystem

Part of the challenge demand marketers face in scaling results from outbound demand generation is the effort it takes to manage numerous partners and the resulting data. Integrate lets you consolidate all of your third-party media partners and contact data sources into one Partner Management Dashboard.

Managing all partners from a single location allows you to:

  • Monitor partner pacing and performance in aggregate and across individual programs
  • Consolidate and standardize data delivery from all sources
  • Eliminate manual data processing
  • Streamline communications with a built-in Messaging Center  
  • Automate IOs, returns and accounting

And if you still need to scale beyond your current partners’ capabilities, we have a solution for that too.




Let’s face it. Your current partners might not be able to deliver the quantity or quality of leads you need to meet your objectives. And finding new sources is both time-intensive and risky.

Integrate gives you access to historical performance data of thousands of media partners, so finding new providers specific to your needs is only a few clicks away.

  • Simply enter general campaign criteria to find a list of sources experienced in your market segment.
  • Access detailed partner profiles that include company details, audience reach, areas of expertise and trade references.
  • Review past performance data and quality ratings for all campaigns each partner has executed for Integrate’s marketing customers.

If you need a hand, Integrate experts are available to help you identify the best choices so you can test the waters and let the data decide.


Part of the challenge with outbound marketing is that the processes used to execute campaigns are so scattered that it’s impossible to connect the dots between the front-end tactics and back-end results.

By plugging all programs into one system, you gain a unified view of what works and what doesn’t. Integrate makes it easy to connect your demand generation campaigns with the systems you’re using to nurture and convert prospects to customers. This means KPI data can be instantly reported back to your Integrate dashboard as prospects travel through your pipeline.

With this closed-loop view, you can clearly determine which campaigns, sources, creative and audiences are driving the most leads, conversions, opportunities and customers with the highest lifetime value. Interactive tools allow you to optimize campaigns in flight and make every media dollar count.

To learn more about closing your media and marketing loop, read the "Essential Guide to Integrated Marketing Systems." 

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