Real-Time Optimization

Top-of-funnel marketing can be a game of hit or miss. Demand marketers often struggle to know what’s working and find it difficult to make anything but modest gains in overall demand marketing performance.

Integrate’s Demand Orchestration Software makes it easy to connect top-funnel demand generation programs with marketing automation and CRM so you can create a holistic demand marketing engine. Use measurement and optimization tools to drive stronger returns from top-of-funnel programs and martech investments.


Marketing Automation & CRM Integrations

Much of the effort to discover and engage new prospects takes place outside marketing automation platforms (MAPs). Lead data is often transferred in spreadsheets then manually uploaded into nurture and sales follow-up tracks. This process can take weeks in some organizations, allowing prospect interest to cool and destroying conversion rates.

Integrate ensures that leads are efficiently processed and injected into your MAP or CRM within moments of origination. This allows marketing and sales teams to follow-up quickly, increasing conversion rates and driving more opportunities.

Discover how easy it is to connect the top of your marketing funnel with your core marketing and sales systems to increase demand marketing results. 

Closed-Loop KPI Reporting

Because top-funnel demand gen campaigns are typically disconnected from lower-funnel conversion metrics, demand gen and marketing ops teams often invest hours trying to figure out what’s working and how to improve performance.

Integrate’s Closed-Loop KPI Reporting allows KPI data from your MAP and CRM to be instantly reported back to your Integrate dashboard as prospects travel through your pipeline. With this closed-loop view, you can clearly determine which campaigns, sources, creative and audiences are driving the most:

  • Marketing-qualified and sales-accepted leads
  • Companies and decision makers from your target account list
  • Opportunities and new customers
  • Customers with the highest lifetime value

By correlating top-funnel activities to mid- and low-funnel conversions, you can make more informed demand generation investments. 



In-Flight Campaign Optimization

Knowing what’s working is important, but having the ability to quickly act on that data is what makes a real difference in marketing performance. Integrate allows you to easily make in-flight campaign adjustments, such as:

  • Adding new and removing poor-performing lead sources
  • Adjusting budget and allocation
  • Swapping out content
  • Changing targeting parameters

When you put performance data to work in a timely manner you increase conversion rates, reduce customer acquisition cost and drive more revenue. Take a look at Integrate's optimization tools today.

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