Top-Funnel Program Automation

Demand marketers are using an increasing number of channels, data sources and systems to identify and engage new prospects. These top-funnel marketing processes are typically manual and disconnected, making them resource-intensive and difficult to generate sizable increases in marketing-attributed revenue.

Integrate's Demand Orchestration Software centralizes your demand generation programs and lead data sources, delivering the control and efficiency you need to drive more predictable demand generation outcomes.


Third-Party Lead Data

B2B marketing organizations typically work with numerous third-party sources (content syndication partners, webinar providers, publishers, etc.) to access new lead data. Managing the data from these sources takes a ton of time and drains team resources.

Integrate’s Demand Orchestration Software allows you to centralize all lead data providers so you can:

  • Monitor pacing and performance in aggregate or across individual providers and programs
  • Consolidate and standardize data delivery from any source
  • Eliminate manual data processing and spreadsheet uploads
  • Automate IOs, returns and accounting

Say goodbye to the manual madness so you can focus on more strategic initiatives, like increasing conversion rates and improving performance.

Event Lead Data 

In-person events are a vital component of demand marketing strategies. Unfortunately, they typically result in spreadsheets of raw lead data that must be manually processed and uploaded into marketing automation. There’s little ability to control the quality and accuracy of the data going into systems, let alone filter or prioritize it.

Integrate’s software streamlines event data processing by:

  • Validating and standardizing event-generated leads before they’re sent to nurture tracks or inside sales
  • Appending leads with professional and firmographic data and surge scores to inform and prioritize follow-up

Discover how Integrate’s Event Data Solution can help you drive more post-event opportunities. 



Inbound Data

Marketers have little control over the data that visitors put into gated-content forms. Inbound lead data typically enters marketing automation as-is. It’s often incomplete and unmarketable, hampering follow-up efforts and lowering the database’s overall value.

Integrate enables you to route data from the forms on your website and landing pages through its software so you can:

  • Ensure that all lead data is accurate and marketable before it’s injected into your database
  • Append professional and firmographic data and surge scores to leads to inform nurturing and sales follow-up
  • Increase conversion rates by using shorter forms while still capturing essential data points via data enhancement
  • Holistically measure, analyze and optimize performance of inbound effort alongside other outbound demand generation programs

Learn how Integrate’s Inbound Data Solution can increase your inbound marketing performance.

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