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Iron Mountain is the leading provider of storage and information management, assisting more than 156,000 organizations in 36 countries with storing, protecting and managing their information. The Demand Gen and Marketing Ops teams at Iron Mountain were spending significant time and energy sourcing and managing lead providers, processing contact data, and measuring program results – but they couldn’t keep up with pipeline requirements. That’s when they gave Integrate a ring.

The Challenges

  • Marketing operations was drowning in manual lead processing tasks.
  • Manual data processes meant it took too long to nurture new prospects, hampering engagement on follow-up efforts. 
  • Deparmental siloes prevented visibility into program performance.

The Results

Iron Mountain sace study results

 In The Customer's Words

Leslie Cocco Alore"Integrate is a solution to very real problems we were having. I was crying at night looking at all the time my team was spending manually preparing data files from all the different vendors, trying to get the data validated, loading it into the system, then running reports to see all the bounce-backs that were coming from the vendors and after all that manual effort to get leads IN to our demand engine, I still struggled to determine the lead sources that were driving in great leads, and those that were falling flat. The ROI by vendor was hard to show, but I was certain some investments were returning and others were not. I have a low threshold of tolerance for that kind of ambiguity…and so does my leadership team."

~ Leslie Cocco Alore, Director of Global Marketing Operations


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