Know a B2B Marketer Who's Crushing Goals?

We're shining a spotlight on marketers who are driving stellar revenue-focused contributions. If you know someone who's doing killer marketing work, nominate them as a 2018 B2B Game Changer.

Are you a B2B marketer leading a revenue-accountable team? Know someone who is?

The stakes for B2B marketers are higher than ever before, as they’re tasked with transforming processes, technologies and mindsets to increase marketing’s impact on pipeline and revenue. 

We’re shining a spotlight on revenue marketers who are setting a new pace in an expanse of data, technology and expectations by:

  • Building better, faster, smarter marketing engines
  • Delivering consistent, integrated customer experiences
  • Making data-informed marketing decisions that advance the business
  • Thinking differently, devising and testing new ideas and approaches


Who's Choosing the Game Changers?

We've brought together a panel of industry experts who intimately understand what it means to be a revenue marketer. This group of marketing leaders will help us identify the nominees most worthy of recognition.


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Here's How It Works

If you're a Game-Changing Revenue Marketer (or know one) who is accountable for driving revenue, growth and transformation, we invite you to submit your nomination.

  • Nominations will be accepted through July 13th, 2018.
  • In early August, a panel of B2B marketing experts will score and assess the nominations and narrow the list down to the best of the best revenue marketers.
  • The 2018 B2B Game Changers will be announced on August 21st.
  • Winners will be highlighted in an eBook, interviews and a series of articles to showcase their winning tactics, strategies and expertise. 


What Does it Mean to Be a Game Changer?

"Being identified as a Marketing Ops Game Changer is recognition and validation that we are on the forefront of operationalizing & enabling change, and leading the way in best-in-class marketing. It is an external and unbiased endorsement that we are innovators and visionaries in our space."

Alyssa Weber | 2017 Marketing Ops Game Changer

"The industry is trusting a few individuals to carry the
torch and spread the knowledge. It means that we now have a higher degree of responsibility to educate the MarOps, MarTech and other related communities on the best practices to reduce cost, improve performance, build a better marketing stack, increase efficiency and drive revenue."

Sameer Khan | 2017 Marketing Ops Game Changer

"I am honored to be included with the other Marketing Ops Game Changers. To me, this means taking a leadership role in ensuring our B2B marketing organization is run efficiently and effectively in a data-driven and strategic way to drive revenue for the company."

Lean Allen | 2017 Marketing Ops Game Changer

"To be a Game Changer is to be an agent for change by clearly understanding the business objectives and
finding the right technologies, processes and people to creatively solve business problems and give the
organization a competitive edge."

Nima Asrar Haghighi | 2016 & 2017 B2B Game Changer

"In my mind, the qualities of a game changer are: intense
curiosity, business-savvy, grace under pressure, adaptability, agility, and broad creativity. Creativity in the traditional sense of visual design and messaging, but also creative problem-solving and having a spirit of experimentation. Finally, you have to be able to put teams together with complementary skills that are going to approach your buyer in new ways."

Tracy Eiler | 2016 Demand Marketing Game Changer

"Being a game changer is all about forging your own path in order to succeed. If all you're doing is what everyone else has done, then you'll only be as good as the person who's teaching you. Being a game changer is about charting your own course."

Adam New-Waterson | 2016 Demand Marketing Game Changer

Shine a Spotlight on Your Revenue Marketers

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