Integrating MarTech and AdTech Enables Revenue Marketing [Video]

I recently participated in REVTalks, a first-time event of about 400 revenue-driven marketers. I’ve hosted and participated in hundreds of events and the team at The Pedowitz Group put on something meaningful to shine a bright light on the present and future of marketing.

If you haven’t received the memo, marketing today is all about customer acquisition and creating revenue. Marketing as the anti-cost center. The RevTalks format, modelled after TedTalks, consisted of rapid fire 15 minute sessions, forcing all the marketing practitioners and experts to focus and get to the point. There was no time to meander through openings and introductions, nor for attendees to scroll their email as they were moving session to session. A useful format to keep everyone engaged.

Most importantly, the six topic areas made up a solid agenda and provided an accurate compass for today’s CMO.

  • You Are an Agent of Change
  • Sales & Marketing Alignment
  • New Organization & Skillset
  • Strategy to Execution
  • ROI/Analytics
  • Going Global

Here’s my take on one of the topics discussed @ RevTalks and how we at Integrate are enabling marketers to integrate martech and adtech

REVTalks 2014: Bring together advertising and marketing technology

Bringing together advertising and marketing technology


Thanks to the team at BrightTALK for capturing the takeaways.




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