Best Practices For Tech Adoption: Part 1—The Planning Phase

This is part 1 of a 3 part series, in which I will address 4 important steps you can implement during your planning phase to ensure successful tech adoption.

Best PracticesYou just got a purchase order signed for your shiny new piece of marketing technology. Precise vendor evaluation led you to this particular software that will instantly create departmental workflow efficiencies, better data analysis, increased targeting precision and of course greater return on marketing investment, right? Well not quite.

Proper adoption of new technology takes a collective effort from the customer and the software provider. In this series we plan to share various best practices for smooth, effective implementation of marketing technology based on experiences between Integrate and our customers.

Map your blueprint

This vitally important step was the sole topic of a separate blog post in February. Ideally, your blueprint should be developed prior to your technology purchase, but better late than never! Get together internally and understand your current marketing processes, lead and data flow. This exercise brings to light any areas where bottlenecks exist, decreasing lead velocity. Additionally, it helps you identify what can and should be addressed by your new technology, where it will create immediate and future efficiencies, and the ways it will deliver measurable ROI to make your team look like rock stars.

“Choose Your Team”

Expect a hockey reference of some kind in all of my future posts. This line from the movie Miracle is very appropriate here. You should know which resources will be needed to implement the tech quickly, efficiently and effectively.

  • Have a small task force of the right internal resources dedicated to this project.
  • Leverage their strengths when assigning specific tasks, giving everyone the best opportunity to succeed.
  • Utilize the external team from your marketing technology provider. Here at Integrate, we surround our new adopters with a Customer Success Team. The members of this team have specific skills to guide customers through successful implementation. Customers who frequently interact with their support team and utilize each member for their full abilities, experience greater success and smooth integrations.

Crawl — Walk — Run (CWR)

This Integrate mantra was discussed at length in January. Essentially, as one Integrator often puts it, “Don’t try to boil the ocean.” Identify your greatest needs or easiest wins and start from there. It’s important to create success at every stage of a tech rollout to continually show positive results and gain further buy-in from your marketing users all the way up to the c-suite. Be sure to adopt this philosophy during your implementation and plan accordingly. It helps to create a personalized “Roadmap,” which follows a CWR plan and will….

Designate Tasks/Milestones

“Stellar transition, Justin!” Thanks everyone! This notion may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how often a lack of detail in this matter will slow implementation and steer the project off track. Here’s an example of where this goes wrong:

“Jim’s team will handle that piece next week.”

Problem: The deadline is too general and the task is not assigned to anyone specifically, creating a lack of accountability. That sentence should sound like this:

“John and Pam, on Jim’s team, will handle building out the first three campaigns for Client X and we will circle back on Wednesday of next week when it is complete.”

Mapping out who, specifically, will complete a task and setting a deadline, creates a sense of onus and urgency.

I encourage you to use these practices as your guide when you begin your next marketing technology adoption process. The next blogs in this series will button up the planning stage and cover tips further down the road map towards complete tech utilization. Have you seen other best practices or things to avoid during this very early implementation stage? Leave a comment here or on twitter @integrate.




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