Benefits of Tying Media Into Your Marketing Cloud

Today’s marketing leader faces stepped-up pressure to acquire customers through multiple channels, measure interactions with prospects and customers, and demonstrate the revenue impact of their campaigns.

That’s a tall order, and it’s driving much-publicized increases in marketing technology spend to automate campaigns for ongoing performance. But campaign optimizations are especially tough when they require marketers to assemble, analyze and act on data that lives in a variety of places, including both internal and third-party systems such as media marketplaces.

Because those systems don’t talk to each other, they represent silos that make it uniquely difficult to access data, gain holistic views of customers to deliver optimized offers, process leads efficiently or calculate return on marketing investment.


To zero in on one of those problems – incomplete customer views -- only 18% of CMOs say all internal stakeholders in their companies share a “synchronized” view of the customer, according to Forrester/Heidrick & Struggles.

Just try delivering targeted, timely content to prospective customers when you know very little about their overall engagement with your brand. And do you really want to be on the hook for delivering revenue from those prospects?

You may be pleasantly surprised to learn there’s practical help to bridge the marketing systems-media gap, enabling you to build a Media-Integrated Marketing Cloud today.

For more details on the benefits of integrating media with your marketing systems, download “Making Media Part of Your Marketing Cloud”

The white paper discusses:

  • How the rift between media and marketing presents a troublesome choke point for marketers
  • Ways to incorporate media within the marketing cloud
  • Benefits you can expect from a media-integrated marketing cloud
  • And how Integrate makes it easy to get started on your media-integrated marketing cloud

The bottom line is, marketing tech should automate and streamline media too.



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