Creating a Marketing Tech Blueprint to Drive Performance [Slideshare]

Last week, we participated in MarketingProf’s Marketing Technology conference, keynoting along with Scott Brinker @chiefmartec and Tony Burne from Real Story Group. From the questions and dialog, the big wins for marketing technology are:

  • Automation and efficiency
  • Personalization and execution around customer experience and the customer journey
  • Integration and closing the loop for measurement and insights

My presentation for the virtual conference was focused on “Creating a Marketing Tech Blueprint to Drive Performance”. You can view the presentation here or check out the slides below.

The one-hour discussion dove deep into how to create a marketing tech “blueprint” that inventories your current marketing technology and processes to identify gaps, silos and chokepoints, and serves as an invaluable communications tool to get all stakeholders – including your tech vendors – on the same page. These learnings come from both my experience as a practicing CMO and our collective work at Integrate where we use the blueprint approach with hundreds of marketing organizations who are charged with acquiring prospects and creating happy customers.

Use cases and examples are shared throughout the presentation to help CMOs, marketing ops leaders and marketing pros modernize marketing systems and processes to drive more business and customer value. Specifically, the presentation will cover:

  • The promise and realities of marketing technology
  • How to create a marketing tech blueprint, including mapping processes and data flow
  • Marketing tech blueprint use cases, examples and applications
  • The best ways to leverage the marketing tech blueprint to advance your goals
  • Using a blueprint to jump start modernization and transformation

While not a marketing strategy, technology is an incredible enabler and an important ingredient in our marketing tool box. Hats off to MarketingProfs for producing a high value, content-driven online event to get more granular on all things marketing technology.





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