Why Marketing Must Close The Loop [Whitepaper]

closed-loopConsidering the advancement in technology and processes over the previous decades, it’s difficult to understand why so many marketing processes remain archaic, specifically regarding the ways we manually access and leverage the data we spend billions of dollars producing. Marketers annually invest billions of dollars in both marketing technology and owned media in an attempt to more effectively discover and engage with customers, but this attempt is drastically hindered. Why? Because marketers aren’t leveraging the data garnered from marketing technology (marketing automation, customer relationship management and data management systems) to its full potential.

Actionable customer insights are stymied by the rift between marketing tech and media investment. At a time when reaching audiences gets tougher by the day, marketers must ensure they’re generating maximal efficiency from all available resources. And if your marketing stack isn’t linked to your media investment, you’re wasting valuable resources. Marketers need to close the loop with marketing and media systems integrations.

Closed-loop marketing integrations automate the processes by which marketers:

  • Transmit media-generated customer data to their marketing systems, and
  • Leverage insights resulting from customer data that has been analyzed and cataloged in the marketing cloud to optimize their media programs.

An automated, integrated data flow increases data fluidity (velocity, flexibility and usability) and eliminates numerous manual tasks that not only waste resources but can often lead to costly errors. Perhaps most importantly, closed-loop integrations allow marketers to quickly adjust media investment and messaging according to newfound intelligence (such as specific audience segments that are more likely to convert to sales, certain channels that are generating increased consumer engagement, or media partners that are outperforming their competitors at a lower price point). The quicker these adjustments are executed, the less resources you waste, and the more you can invest in the marketing efforts that generate greater business value.

To learn more about the benefits of closed-loop integrations, download the Integrate white paper:

download business case for closed loop integrations


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