Marketo + Integrate Partner: Automate Prospect & Customer Acquisition

Marketo recently announced its open-platform vision — to provide a holistic view of customer experience through best-of-breed software integrations, customized to individual marketing organization needs. As the lynchpin of this vision, Marketo strives to “bring a core set of capabilities, and then be open to third-party solutions that build on the common foundation.” In the continuously evolving world of marketing, Marketo understands that its platform’s robust product offering must still be open to complementary solutions if it is to successfully offer marketers the range of capabilities they require. The Marketo-Integrate partnership is the result of this mindset.

marketoblueprint-digital3Lead velocity, data quality and seamless systems integrations have become key concerns among marketers. The faster leads and data move between systems and through marketing processes, the more likely they are to result in new customers. The cleaner the data injected into Marketo’s platform, the more effectively it can nurture and score prospect data and personalize engagement. And the more seamless the integration of customer engagement systems, the better equipped marketers are to compare and analyze key information to derive actionable insights.

Integrate’s workflow automation, data governance and systems integrations software was designed specifically to boost marketing automation performance by refining the data and processes that feed Marketo’s platform. According to Travis Taylor, senior manager of Americas demand generation at A10 Networks: “The very succinct combination of Marketo and Integrate allows us to automate the entire demand gen process, improve prospect data quality, accelerate lead velocity and nurture prospects to customer opportunities.”

Through the Marketo LaunchPoint ecosystem, Marketo customers can easily connect their demand generation programs to their Marketo accounts to improve lead quality and automate prospect data delivery from source to platform. Moreover, closed-loop integration between the two systems via Marketo Webhooks attributes lead dispositions (such as whether individual leads eventually converted to customers) to specific creative assets, media channels, audience segments, etc. This return data feed from Marketo to Integrate enhances the value of Marketo’s platform by ensuring rapid and accurate optimization of demand generation and media programs.

The Marketo-Integrate partnership is another substantial step in the evolution of marketing and technology — and Integrate is thrilled to work alongside Marketo as the customer experience platform moves from vision to reality. You can find a general overview here and a full implementation guide here to learn more and dive deeper.

download business case for closed loop integrations


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