Oracle Eloqua and Integrate Partner to Power Customer Acquisition

A few months back, we published a series of posts titled “Platform Wars,” in which I suggested that marketer needs would dictate whether all-inclusive marketing suites or platforms open to third-party solutions would come to dominate. Oracle’s announcements yesterday dealt a hard blow to all-in-one solution enthusiasts.

In one of three press releases published yesterday, Oracle stated:

“Modern marketing demands a unified, data-driven approach, not the data silos and integration challenges that point solutions create. Marketers need easy access to consolidated data to better engage audiences and analyze performance.”

In a second press release, the company explained one of the ways it intends to provide such easy access:

“In order to help marketers take full advantage of the rapidly changing digital marketing technology landscape, Oracle Marketing Cloud has added more than 350 marketing applications and data partners over the past year to deliver the industry’s largest marketing technology ecosystem.”

On the heels of this news, Tom Murphy’s follow-up CMSWire blog post adds, “It's now clear Oracle is integrating by expanding its ecosystem instead of building a complete suite of solutions based on its acquisitions.” Kevin Akeroyd, general manager of the Oracle Marketing Cloud, hinted at this in May when he said that the company that integrates the best will win the day: "We can integrate….We are integrating."

This is doubtless a response to the growing role of Marketing Operations within enterprise business. In fact, Oracle specifically intends to cater to these needs by bolstering operational support via a new Oracle Eloqua marketing operations center and also emphasizing systems integrations (both internal and external).

Oracle-eloqua-integrateOracle’s partnership with Integrate is borne from this newfound emphasis. Lead velocity, data quality and seamless systems integrations have become key concerns among Marketing Operations, and are Integrate’s core business. The faster leads and data move between systems and through marketing processes, the more likely they are to result in new customers and revenue. The cleaner and more accurate the data injected into Oracle Eloqua’s platform, the more effectively it can nurture and score prospect data and personalize engagement. And the more seamless the integration of customer engagement systems, the better equipped marketers are to compare and analyze key information to derive actionable insights.

Integrate’s workflow automation, data governance and systems integrations software was designed specifically to enhance marketing automation performance by refining the data and processes that feed Oracle Eloqua’s platform. Commenting on Oracle and Integrate’s complementary solutions, Devlyn Coelho, director of corporate marketing at DataGravity, recently said:

“We’re in stealth mode and busy building the marketing technology infrastructure to deliver more timely and relevant engagement to our prospects and customers. Working with Oracle Eloqua and Integrate software to automate, manage and deliver prospect information from third party media partners and offline sources into our marketing and sales systems is a key part of our marketing foundation.”

Through the Oracle Marketing AppCloud ecosystem, Oracle customers can easily access Integrate’s software to power customer acquisition, improve lead quality and automate data delivery from source to platform. Moreover, closed-loop integration between the two systems via Oracle Cloud Connectors attributes lead dispositions (such as whether individual leads eventually converted to customers) to specific creative assets, media channels, audience segments, etc. This return data feed from Oracle Eloqua to Integrate enhances the value of Oracle’s platform by ensuring rapid and accurate optimization of demand generation and media programs.

Integrate is excited to work alongside Oracle Eloqua to help marketers succeed as they work under growing business demands and accountability. You can find Integrate and the Integrate + Eloqua integration in the Oracle App Cloud here and learn more about how Integrate is helping Eloqua customers here.

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