Quick 2016 Recap and a Look Ahead for Integrate & Its Customers

BlogGraphic_2017GrowthMomentum.png2016 was an exciting and momentous year for our team at Integrate. Like many of you, we're already knee deep in executing our 2017 plan, including the next evolution of our demand orchestration platform. (We’re just a bit pumped up about that!)

We want to use this post first and foremost to thank our customers, partners and team (affectionately known as “Integrators”) for continuing to work collaboratively on solutions to help B2B marketers scale sales pipeline and revenue. We thought a short post was a simple way to update our community, both on our progress and what’s ahead.

The headline as we closed 2016 was all about growth. Integrate quadrupled its software revenue growth year over year in 2016 (see full details here in the release). We’re proud not just of hitting this milestone, but for making significant gains in marketing performance.

Here are a few 2016 highlights worth calling out.

Partnered with 60+ new enterprise and mid-market B2B marketing teams who have adopted demand orchestration to scale pipeline and revenue

It’s fun to work in a customer-centric organization. Dedicated marketing teams from Rackspace, Iron Mountain, Penton, Veritas, Workday and Cisco all are using Integrate’s demand orchestration software to manage top-of-funnel demand marketing channels and connect prospect data with their existing marketing systems and processes. We’ve had the privilege of working closely with these teams, and many others, to understand their needs, challenges and goals; and we’ve leveraged this understanding to build a better demand orchestration platform.

Introduced new technology integrations, including data enhancement, ABM, and predictive providers to help customers orchestrate demand with their existing tools and processes

Last year, Integrate introduced integrations and partnerships with Demandbase, Mintigo, 6Sense, and Bombora to support marketers’ growing appetite to use predictive and account-based marketing (ABM) data to better target demand marketing efforts. We also connected Reachforce and Oceanos to Integrate’s demand orchestration software so we can append both firmographic and professional information to lead data before it’s injected into our customers’ marketing and sales systems. Thanks to these partnerships, our customers have access to more actionable lead data and are able to move prospects through the pipeline faster than even before.

Launched new web resources to support B2B marketers in their quest to orchestrate demand marketing; and mixed in a new logo, too

The company recently launched new resources for the B2B marketing community, including a revamped www.integrate.com that features some fun videos highlighting our customers’ success, workbooks and guides. The latest in-depth workbook helps marketers assess and master their demand marketing strategy and includes 11 worksheets that help plan and execute every aspect.

We topped it all off by debuting an evolved logo to better represent our brand and mission to integrate and orchestrate all aspects of demand marketing. 

A Brief Look Ahead to 2017

We’ll be executing aggressive plans, especially around our product and getting deeper with our channel partners to guide and service B2B marketers.

2017 will see the release of the next evolution of Integrate’s demand orchestration solution. The product is currently in beta and being readied to deliver to our customers. Through the platform, we’ll also deliver support for more marketing channels and data sources to orchestrate programs across top-of-funnel channels. Customers can also expect integrations with more data partners to be made available. And, to help our customers execute their demand marketing strategies, we’ll be onboarding qualified channel partners – agencies and integrators – to serve our growing roster of marketing organizations.

Last but not least, the company announced it will move from its Scottsdale headquarters to downtown Phoenix in June 2017. We’re getting our name in lights on the side of the building. You may be able to see the bright, shiny Integrate logo as you land at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport! If that isn’t exciting, I don’t know what is.




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