4 B2B Marketing Experts Discuss Content Syndication’s Resurgence

Inbound marketing is important. But, as so many B2B marketing teams have discovered over recent years, an inbound marketing strategy alone isn’t enough to drive pipeline and achieve increasingly daunting revenue goals.

Account-based revenue strategies have only compounded the problem; as B2B sales and marketing organizations prioritize ABM programs, traditional inbound tactics aren’t providing the quantity or quality of decision-makers needed to convert target accounts into pipeline opportunities.

As Jennifer Pockell Dimas, CMO at software maker Egnyte, has stated:

“In reality, it’s crazy to think all your target accounts are just going to show up to your website. With ABM, you must go where your prospects are.”

A growing percentage of marketing organizations are once again looking outward, expanding their content marketing efforts beyond their website, landing pages and social profiles. They’re refocusing resources, time and effort to executing content syndication programs with modern strategies, tactics and tools.  

However, without the right know-how, data and tools, content syndication can be overwhelmingly difficult, providing questionable returns. That’s why on Thursday August 23rd at 10:00PM PT / 1:00PM ET, PathFactory is hosting the #B2BChannelPanel on Content Syndication. Experts from Integrate, Content4Demand and IDG will discuss:

  • How content syndication best fits into modern demand generation strategies
  • Advantages and disadvantages of content syndication
  • Types of content that perform best for content syndication programs
  • How you should understand and treat content syndication-generated contacts differently from those generated via inbound methods
  • Things to think about when searching for and selecting vendors for your specific campaigns
  • Best practices for evaluating the effectiveness of your content syndication efforts

The Panelists

Channel Panel Content Synd speakers

Join us for this live chat as the Channel Panel team of experts dives deep into the above topics and more. Click here to register.

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