43 Game-Changing B2B Marketers You Need to Follow

You’ve heard it before. Everyone’s talking about it. Marketing is getting revenue-focused. Nearly 30% of B2B marketing orgs report that they now have a revenue quota. Making this shift is no easy task and many are struggling to keep up.

Through the 2018 B2B Game Changers Spotlight, and with the help of six industry experts, we found 43 revenue-focused marketers who are changing the game and adding significant value to their businesses. These marketing leaders and practitioners are going beyond a singular focus of multi-channel experiences, data analysis or tech implementation. They’re orchestrating people, processes, data and technology to make meaningful contributions to revenue.

Who Are the Top Revenue Marketers?

The 2018 #B2BGameChangers are trailblazers forging new paths for the rest of the industry to follow. We hope their work inspires you to challenge the status quo and think bigger.

I’m thrilled to introduce this year’s #B2BGameChangers.


Congratulations to these 43 pros for their game-changing work. Thank you for setting an example for the rest of us to follow.

How Did We Select the B2B Revenue Marketing Game Changers?

With so many generic lists determined by vague social algorithms, we strive to ensure that the B2B Game Changers Spotlight is an objective program that honors marketing pros who have demonstrated exemplary work and results. Each year, the program kicks off with a 90-day open call for nominations, during which time anyone can submit nominations for non-agency B2B marketers.

A panel of expert judges assess the nominees using any anecdotal info, data and examples provided in the nominations, as well as publicly available info and industry reputation.


Our deepest thanks to the judges for the countless hours they invested many hours in evaluating hundreds of nominations. You are each essential to the success of the B2B Game Changers Spotlight.

Expert Advice from These B2B Marketing Pros

You can follow the 2018 B2B Game Changers here. Keep in mind, not all of them are on Twitter. When you're hyper-focused on driving revenue, who has time to tweet?

For a deeper look into the strategies of these game-changing marketers, get the 2018 B2B Game Changers eBook: Real Revenue Marketing Strategies to Advance Your Game



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