5 B2B Marketing Steps To Help Ensure Your Business Is Ready For GDPR

In May, 2018, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will require wide-sweeping changes to B2B lead generation tactics. Failure to comply with GDPR’s mandates will results in substantial, even crippling, fines:

  • Level 1 – €10M or 2% worldwide annual revenue (whichever is higher)
  • Level 2 – €20M or 4% worldwide annual revenue (whichever is higher)

At the same time, B2B marketers are being asked to collect increasing amounts of detailed, actionable data with which to engage and convert prospective customers. A global business’ success today rests on its marketing team’s ability to walk this tightrope with diligence and speed.

How Will GDPR Affect B2B Marketers’ Lead Generation Tactics?

GDPR imposes several stricter regulations compared to Directive 95/46/ec, which it will replace. Of greatest concern for B2B marketers and their demand generation strategies, however, are GDPR’s mandates regarding:

  • Data subject (prospect) consent
  • Documentation of compliance
  • Cross-border data transfer

It will become critical that B2B marketing teams not only ensure that their own hosted forms and landing pages conform to these rules, but that third-party lead sources – media partners, event organizers and lead vendors – do so as well.

Smart marketers are getting ahead of the game. They’re evolving their demand generation tactics now to turn the GDPR challenge into an opportunity to build greater trust with new prospects and customers.


 5 Steps B2B Marketers Must Take To Prepare for GDPR

Though GDPR-compliance prep will be critical for global B2B marketing success, it doesn’t need to be painfully difficult. Integrate created a quick-to-the-point guide to help ensure you're demand gen processes and marketing team are prepared.

The guide dives into the following steps:

  1. Taking inventory of lead sources, channels and partners
  2. Updating your opt-in language and processes
  3. Setting up compliant data transfer processes
  4. Ensuring compliance of 3rd-party lead gen partners
  5. Documenting your GDPR-compliance measures

If your business currently markets or plans to market to the EU, be sure to grab your copy of “5 Steps B2B Marketers Must Take To Prepare for GDPR” and start preparing today.  



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