5 Demand Generation Webinars You Definitely Don’t Want to Miss

If you’ve ever felt you walked away from a webinar with more insights than you gleaned from an eBook, you may be right. Recent data from the Savo Group reveals that adult learners who view video retain 83% more information in short-term memory over reading the same information in text.

On-demand video delivery through webinars is both popular and effective; Content Marketing Institute’s 2017 Benchmarks Report reveals 58% of B2B organizations are using webinars as a content marketing tactic.

However, not all free online demand generation webinars are created equal. If you’ve blocked an hour out in your calendar, you want to walk away with some valuable actionable information. It’s frustrating to experience the bait-and-switch of a webinar that gives bad advice, offers too little information, or worst of all, is an hour-long pitch for a product or service.

These five presentations are definitely worth your time, and reveal some of the best demand generation tactics and methods.

5 Valuable Demand Generation Webinars

1. The New Era of Demand Gen: Best Practices for Engagement

Demand marketers may draw from many channels, tactics and strategies to create effective engagement throughout the sales funnel. In this on-demand webinar, presented by former Editor-in-Chief of Demand Gen Report, Carol Krol  and former Content Marketing Manager of Everstring, Rachel Lefkowitz , you’ll gain instant access to research insights, real-world experience and emerging trends. Viewers will discover the channels, analytics, account-based marketing (ABM) strategies and retargeting tactics that are driving results at the most effective demand generation organizations.

Since 2007, Demand Gen Report has been a leading resource for original research and insights for B2B marketers. While they’re perhaps known best for their annual benchmark research report that’s filled with demand generation power stats, their content is also a high-value source for current insights on marketing automation, lead nurturing, cross-channel campaign management and other topics that matter.

2. Game Changers in Action: 3 Winning Demand Marketing Strategies for Your Playbook

Step into the real-life demand generation playbooks of three B2B marketers who are driving innovation for their organizations. This on-demand webinar features Apttus SVP, Maria Pergolino, Elastic VP of Worldwide Demand Generation, Scott Fingerhut and VP of Marketing at ForgeRock, Beki Scarbrough, who share their own success secrets learned through trial and error. Actionable information covered in this fast-paced session includes how to build a culture of experimentation, the value of marketing ops and traits shared by the most effective demand gen marketers.


3. How to Take a Proactive Approach to Increasing Marketing Database Quality

Data quality issues are likely hurting your demand generation strategy. For the average B2B marketing team, 40% of lead data is poor quality. There’s a lot of risk associated with databases filled with incomplete prospect info, duplicates, bad emails and non-compliant data; it destroys conversion rates, reduces revenue potential and even affects your reputation.

This on-demand webinar is packed with the information you need to prevent bad data from ever even entering marketing automation and CRM, contaminating your prospect and customer insights. Discover actionable strategies and real company results with a panel of experts: Integrate Martech Strategist David Crane, SecureWorks Senior Manager of Demand Jay Melton, and DemandGen CEO David Lewis.

4. Rand Fishkin’s Whiteboard Friday Series

Whiteboard Friday is a weekly, long-running video series created by Rand Fishkin, the Wizard of Moz. While it's not technically a webinar, it is on-demand educational video content that's definitely worth mentioning.

Over the past near-decade, tech company Moz and Whiteboard Fridays have both shifted their focus away from SEO to a broader range of topics of importance to demand marketers, including paid search, content marketing, social media and influencer marketing.

The videos are simple, featuring Rand, his expert insights and a whiteboard he uses to dynamically illustrate concepts. Despite the simple presentation, the series remains a beloved source of insights for current digital demand marketing tactics.

5. 5 Strategies to Try When Your Revenue Goals Go Up

So, your CEO wants your marketing team to work with sales and customer success to increase profitability. Focusing on lead generation, scoring and lead qualifying may not be enough to reach those goals. The most effective demand marketing teams take a full-funnel focus to scale revenue. B2B marketers facing pressure to deliver can benefit immensely from this on-demand webinar presented by leading CMOs Scott Vaughan of Integrate and Heidi Bullock of Engagio. 

For intermediate and advanced B2B marketers, this resource is a trove of unique insights into new ways to increase your revenue beyond lead generation and nurturing. You’ll discover tips from the trenches on audience discovery, top-funnel awareness and how marketers can expand business with existing customers

Why Webinars?

Many of the world’s most successful people have one thing in common; a commitment to constantly learning. Inc. reports that the “five hour rule,” or a commitment to spending at least five hours each week on continuing education is prevalent among today’s leading entrepreneurs and other high-achievers you’ve heard of, like Thomas Edison and Benjamin Franklin.

As demand marketers look towards their 2018 strategies, making time for professional education is crucial. Spending at least a few hours each week learning from the best and brightest minds in B2B marketing through webinars and other content resources could transform you into a game changer in the year to come.

Eager to dig deeper into cutting-edge demand generation tactics? Discover the secrets, tools, technologies and tactics that are making a difference at real B2B firms in the this eBook: 155 Tips & Tactics from Demand Marketing's Top 40 Game Changers155-demand-marketing-tactics


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