6 Go-To Demand Generation Techniques Marketing Pros Swear By

Are you tired of vague tips for demand marketing techniques, like “measure everything” or “fail fast?”

These philosophies have their value, but they’re not anything you can swipe and use to generate results.

Fortunately, there are a few noteworthy B2B marketers who, while they may not share their entire demand generation playbook, are more than happy to share insights of what’s working best in their space.

Smart demand marketers don’t waste time reinventing the wheel, at least not all of the time. These are six actionable demand generation techniques you can swipe and apply to your strategies right away.

6 Highly Actionable Demand Generation Techniques

1. Organize & Tag Your Content for Sales

Content matters throughout the entire customer lifecycle and at every stage of the funnel. A recent survey by the Content Marketing Institute found 74% of B2B decision-makers are influenced by content with original research. However, your content isn’t valuable for driving consideration or action if it’s not used at the middle or bottom of the funnel.

If your sales team can’t find the content, they can’t share it with an opportunity.

Tracy Eiler, CMO at InsideView, once struggled because their sales team couldn’t find marketing content, and they didn’t understand how or when they should use it.

Eiler’s solution?

Adopt a technology for content organization and invest time into making it easy for sales to find what they need. All of InsideView’s content is integrated into the CRM and tagged for easy access with information management software. This technology enables sales to see how their customers engaged (opened, shared, time spent reading, etc.).

While a content audit and organization is a large undertaking, it’s paid off for Eiler in both content impact and marketing insights.

2. Speak Sales’ Language and Metrics

True alignment between sales and marketing often requires compromise, learning new languages and, maybe most importantly, using that new language consistently.

Paige Lubawy, the Sr. Director of Demand Generation at Charles Schwab has an adamant commitment to speaking sales' language:

“Only talk to sales about what they care about. Talk impact to revenue, pipeline, quality leads! Never talk about marketing activities...You’ll get much more respect and alignment when you make this monumental pivot.”

Some of Lubawy’s brilliant demand marketing techniques may have been influenced by two books she recommends as “fundamental”: Rise by Patty Azzarello and Rise of the Revenue Marketer by Debbie Qaqish.

3. Own Your Website for Demand Generation

Scott Fingerhut, VP of World-Wide Marketing & Demand Generation at Elastic, believes you should,

“fight as hard as you can to own a prominent piece of your company’s website for demand purposes.”

When you’ve seized control, the latest in demand generation technologies can enable you to deliver custom content experiences, including 1:1 content, personalized resources sections and personalized search results.

4. Maintain Forward Momentum

You can’t fail quickly if you’re failing to deliver.

Elle Woulfe, VP of Marketing at LookBookHQ, lives by the mantra:

“Done is better than perfect.”

In Woulfe’s experience,

“you can always iterate and optimize, but if you never get started, you’ll have nothing to perfect.”

As a demand generation expert, Woulfe encourages agility through progress every day. While she’s not advising marketers to sacrifice quality, she says:

“I try to always operate with a sense of urgency, not overthink things or let perfectionism trump progress.”

5. Make Full-Funnel Measurement Rewarding and Easy

As demand marketers, it’s tempting to get caught up in the multi-channel orchestration of a successful campaign. For many of us, the creative aspect of marketing is what drew us to our work in the first place.

Jessica Weimer, the Head of Global Demand and Growth Marketing at Magento, believes that,

“launching campaigns is a multi-dimensional effort in and of itself. But, rolling up your sleeves to understand what happens after the leads come in is the most rewarding and insightful aspect of demand generation.”

With the right tools and technology stack in place to make full-funnel measurement easy, demand marketers can find reward in insights. If you’re spending hours trying to connect your top-funnel metrics to lower-funnel conversions, you’re working too hard.

Demand generation software with closed-loop reporting capabilities can tie data from your marketing automation platform (MAP) and CRM so marketers can understand the campaigns, sources and creative assets driving revenue.

6. Don’t Get Complacent About MarTech

Stephanie McArthur, Sr. Campaign Manager at ForgeRock, says her best demand generation technique is a commitment to:

“Never get complacent. Technology is changing the marketing landscape daily and I love how it’s constantly pushing the boundaries.”

With the right tools in her stack, McArthur has been able to achieve her goal of working smarter instead of harder.

What is in the stack of a leading demand generation marketer?

While there’s a lot of MarTech out there, McArthur has shared a few tools that help her achieve efficiency.

  • She loves Integrate for content syndication accountability, visibility and lead data-quality management.
  • Marketo is her organization’s marketing “hub.”
  • BrightTalk enables her firm to efficiently manage webinars end-to-end.

Take What Works Best For You

There are some demand generation techniques that only work for particular companies or industries, like highly specific trade show strategies. There are things you can’t scale or speed up, like the process of building thought leadership or authentic relationships with industry influencers.

In other cases, you can virtually duplicate and repeat activities that bring the most return, like Eiler’s advice to tag bottom-of-funnel content assets or Fingerhut’s recommendation to fight for website control.

Demand marketing isn’t easy and it’s never simple. However, when you discover a technique works well for your niche, industry or company, you should nail that down and perfect it until you have it down to a science. Whether those things are a lot of work, or if they come easier, learn to double-down on what works and keep experimenting enough to find new techniques to add to your demand generation arsenal.

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