6 of the Best B2B Marketing Thought Leaders You Should Follow

B2B marketing is constantly evolving. The optimal strategy for success a few years ago could be far different from what will drive a higher return-on-investment (ROI) next year. Marketing leaders must continually evaluate emerging tactics, channels and best practices.

Learning from industry experts is still one of the most effective ways to level up your B2B marketing game. Modeling their strategies and insights means you don't have to re-invent the wheel every time you adopt new and emerging strategies.

One of the most effective ways to stay connected to some of the leading industry experts in B2B marketing can be through active, daily use of Twitter, LinkedIn or Feedly. Following game-changing experts such as Scott Brinker, Dave Lewis, Tracy Eiler and others can help marketing decision-makers stay connected with the latest research, curated quality content and other high-quality insights.

6 Exceptional B2B Marketing Thought Leaders You Should Follow

The following marketing thought leaders represent a small sampling of the best B2B marketing pros with an active presence on Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs and other digital channels.

1. Scott Brinker

VP, Platform Development at HubSpot + Editor at Chief MarTech

ScottBrinkerTwitter: @ChiefMarTec

While Scott Brinker currently serves as VP of Platform Development at HubSpot, he’s best known for his role as Editor of the website, ChiefMarTec.com.

Since 2008, he’s maintained the highly popular blog as a hub for B2B marketing technology enthusiasts, publishing popular essays backed by data and statistics at the intersection of “marketing, technology and management.”

Among Chief MarTec’s best-known research projects is the Marketing Technology Landscape, an annual research project which charts growth in the marketing technology industry.

Brinker maintains an active Twitter presence which serves as a high-value source of marketing technology news and research, management insights, startup insights and more.

2. Dave Lewis

CEO, DemandGen


Twitter: @DemandGenDave

Dave Lewis is Founder and CEO of DemandGen International and the author of “Manufacturing Demand,” a bestselling book on technology-enabled practices for lead management. With a background in both enterprise technology and process consulting, Lewis says,

“I'm passionate about aligning sales and marketing. All of it. The people, processes, systems.”

Lewis’ Twitter feed is a portal to highly engaging multimedia content on lead management best practices, including some stellar interviews and podcasts with industry-leading B2B experts.

Recent podcasts include a conversation on productivity with Samantha McKenna of LinkedIn NYC, tips on marketing and product management alignment and dialogue on setting up a sales development rep team.

3. Seth Godin

Entrepreneur, Author and Blogger

SethGodinTwitter: @ThisIsSethsBlog

Seth Godin has been known as an out-of-the-box business thinker for over three decades. As a lecturer and author of many books, he’s perhaps best-known for the book “The Purple Cow,” his “altMBA” program and his Ted talks.

While many of us would view this remarkable resume would constitute a highly productive career, one 2014 interview revealed that Godin himself prefers to think about his accomplishments as a “series of projects.”

The best way to stay connected with Seth is through his blog, simply titled “Seth’s Blog.” Godin's posts are usually short, but they’re invariably thought-provoking and uniquely valuable entries on business, human connection and relationships in B2B.

4. Michael Brenner

CEO, Marketing Insider Group

MichaelBrennerTwitter: @BrennerMichael

As a bestselling author, consultant and keynote speaker, Brenner is among the best-known thought leaders in B2B marketing, with particular expertise in content marketing and brand storytelling. His contributions appear in “Forbes,” “The Economist,” “The Guardian” and other publications.

Brenner’s Twitter account includes must-follow insights into B2B content, employee engagement, compliance and other high-value content.

You'll also want to follow Brenner on LinkedIn. He regularly takes advantage of LinkedIn’s capacity for long-form content, publishing original blogs on the habits of the most successful content marketers, thought leadership, storytelling formulas and more.

5. Tracy Eiler

CMO, Inside View

TracyEilerTwitter: @tracyleiler

Tracy is a high-energy, optimistic marketing executive with a maniacal focus on revenue and effective sales and marketing alignment.

Eiler says,

“I have a collection of favorite CMOs that I talk to on a regular basis — for instance, Robin Saitz, CMO of Brainshark. We call it CMO therapy.”

Her social media presence on Twitter is an engaging mixture of research from the demand generation space, retweeted content from other B2B marketing influencers and high-value blog posts from the cutting-edge of the CMO sphere.

Followers can also stay up-to-speed with Eiler’s award recognitions and active engagement at in-person events.

6. Peter Isaacson

CMO, DemandBase

PeterIsaacsonTwitter: @peisaacson

An evangelist for account-based marketing, Peter Isaacson is a self-described “B2B marketing junkie” and frequent contributor to podcasts, blogs and innovation summits.

Isaacson says,

“A game changer is someone who fails. A lot. Because no one bats 1.000 in B2B marketing. So you have to be willing to try new things.”

Isaacson’s Twitter presence includes a variety of quality insights, including curated research from the forefront of Martech, content from Isaacson’s active participation in B2B marketing events, webinars and podcasts and cutting-edge ABM research.

Gaining Insights from Today’s Most Game-Changing B2B Marketers

For B2B marketers, the challenge is rarely a lack of digital content to consume. Instead, it’s more often an excess of content. It can be difficult to filter through the excessive noise to access quality insights and curated insights.

Each year, Integrate works to identify some of the strongest B2B marketers who are knocking down walls and leaving a path for others to follow. If you're eager for more tips from these game-changing pros download the 2018 B2B Game Changers eBook: Real Revenue Marketing Strategies to Advance Your Game



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