A Short Video About Demand Orchestration

blog_main_image_OMC_demand_orchestration_webinar.pngIntegrate recently released a new resource: The Demand Marketing Assessment Guide and Orchestration Workbook.  …yes, that title is a mouthful, and in hindsight, we probably should’ve come up with a better one. So, for the rest of this post, I’ll just refer to it as the Demand Orchestration Workbook.

Part of the reason for the workbook’s longwinded title is the fact that it comprises a lot of various, useful info and tools for B2B marketers: an assessment guide, prescriptive advice, influencer opinions, excel worksheets and more.

To highlight why we created the Demand Orchestration Workbook and how best to use it, we also developed the short video below.  (The workbook pdf is ungated and you can get it here.)

DO Workbook Video


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