Apperian’s Demand Marketing Team Focuses on Strategy, Not List Processing

Apperian_blog_image.pngI could write thousands of words on why manual lead-list processing weighs down demand marketing efforts, slowing lead velocity, delaying prospect follow-up, diminishing customer experiences and stalling revenue growth – and how Integrate’s software helps eliminate these obstacles.

…But it’s better to hear from an Integrate customer rather than an overly verbose content marketer such as myself. So, here’s a few words of demand marketing wisdom from a well-regarded industry practitioner:

“List upon list – from industry events to individuals subscribing to Apperian’s Definitive Guide to Mobile Application Management. Like many marketers we were spending too much time to get files scrubbed, formatted and injected into our marketing automation platform.
“We needed to follow-up with our content advertising leads as quickly as we did with channels that drove directly to forms on our website. This meant reducing the average follow-up time from what could range anywhere from 20 minutes to a week. We needed to cut that delay to under one minute.”  
Jonathan Burg, Sr. Director, Marketing & Customer Acquisition, Apperian


Under Jonathan Burg’s guidance, Apperian adopted Integrate’s software in July of 2014 to overcome these challenges, boost velocity and create greater performance. In his words:
“Integrate’s software helps with the technology side of this, so we can focus on the relationship and content. Once the partners are set up in Integrate, we’re off and running – all we have to think about is optimizing content, the program, and aligning the media partner’s calendar with my customer’s needs. It takes all the menial, back-and-forth with partners about list formatting and delivery off the table. The negotiations, conversations and strategy planning are so much more productive. It creates a much more streamlined, value-driven process.”

An effective demand marketing program is a big undertaking – managing numerous media partners, creating libraries of content, exploring and perfecting new channels, data formats, and more. Orchestrating all these demand generation elements efficiently and effectively is a substantial investment in energy, time and budget, and success rests on a marketing team’s ability to:

Equipped with experienced team members, evolving strategies and effective tools, Apperian continues to push its achievements to new heights. Read the rest of the case study here.



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