Attributes of Valuable B2B Marketing Partnerships

Marketing departments today rarely have the resources, time or expertise to deliver on every marketing strategy. To advance their effort and get stuff done, they turn to partners to execute initiatives, fill team gaps and deliver new capabilities.

It’s no different for software companies like Integrate. We rely on numerous partnerships to provide a holistic solution for B2B marketing organizations. Further, knowledgeable partners are critical to helping us deliver on our demand orchestration promise to our customers.

In that spirit, we’re excited to share that Just Media, a B2B marketing services agency, has become the first agency to be Certified as a Demand Orchestration Partner. The Just Media team works with leading technology brands – our joint customers – to develop and execute media, brand and demand marketing strategies. They’re deploying and managing Integrate’s software as part of their comprehensive customer solution and have mastered use of the tools, integrations and data to execute demand orchestration.

Considering the importance of these relationships, I’ve been reflecting on the many partnerships I’ve been a part of over the years – some awesome and some not so much. Here’s what I see as the core attributes of a successful partner. A high-value partner:

  • Knows My Business – Every business model and market has unique characteristics. Stand-out partners take the time to understand my markets, my customers and how my business works – including how to improve it.

  • Brings Unique Expertise – Marketing capabilities, requirements and technology are changing rapidly. It’s rare to be an expert in everything and have endless expertise in house. Good partners bring a set of skills, experience and domain knowledge that can be put to work.

  • Has the Right Resources – Talent is a precious resource and it’s hard to staff for every capability or situation, especially in hyper-competitive markets like marketing and tech. The best partners fill gaps you don’t have on your staff or in your arsenal. And they identify and anticipate needs, proactively providing recommendations.

  • Puts Skin in the Game – “We’re in it together” is more than a slogan. Based on agreed joint success metrics, successful partnerships both are accountable for the outcomes, be it blow-out results or needs to improve now. They own it, even investing their own time and resources to get it right.

The Just Media team embodies these attributes and this partnership has been a stand-out example of win-win-win. We’re appreciative of what they bring to Integrate and our growing list of customers, such as Cloudera, Fireye and Nimble Storage. Cheers to finding and building winning partnerships!



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