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Hannah Swanson

Hannah Swanson

Hannah joined Integrate in March of 2017. Having past experience in only the B2C marketing vertical, the B2B world opened exciting new opportunities that continue to feed her inner tech nerd. Dedicated to bridging the gap between sales and marketing, Hannah is always searching for new techniques to bring the two worlds together and keep the Integrate team efficient.

February 13, 2018

The 4 Critical Roles of Social Media in Demand Generation Marketing

Social media still matters as a discovery tool for B2B decision-makers, so it should certainly matter to demand marketers.  Research by CMI and SmartBrief found that social is a huge part of both how B2B buyers engage with brands, and how marketing organizations start conversations. In fact, the study showed that social media content is the most widely used B2B content marketing tactic, used by 83% of organizations. Perhaps this is because 8 out of 10 B2B buyers trust recommendations from peers and influencers more than original brand research (74%), eBooks (33%) and blogs (21%) – and social media supports such peer review. B2B buyers want credible, tailored and research-driven content. Demand generation marketers who understand how best to leverage social media to distribute such content will benefit from significant pipeline growth.

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February 8, 2018

The 11 Common Symptoms of a Sick Customer Acquisition Strategy

If customer acquisition were always easy, business would be a cakewalk. If acquiring new customers were simple, there would be no books, conferences or the need for B2B marketing organizations to develop a defined strategy. However, managing the costs and methods for customer acquisition and retention is a challenge for everyone. Molly Galetto, VP Marketing Communications at NG Data, defines customer acquisition management as the “set of methodologies and systems for managing customer prospects and inquiries that are generated by a variety of marketing techniques.” In addition to marketing, a full-funnel mindset about customer acquisition will involve alignment with sales and customer success teams.

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January 23, 2018

How to Evaluate and Find the Best Demand Generation Agencies

Are you considering outsourcing demand generation in 2018? If so, you’re not alone.  Few B2B marketing organizations rely solely on in-house resources to plan and execute their demand generation strategies. Most use a combination of internal staff and external partner resources. This makes complete sense when you consider the breadth of demand gen activities required to meet growth goals, including: integrated program planning, content creation, design, content syndication and more. At Integrate, we work with hundreds of mid-sized and enterprise B2B marketing teams to understand their demand generation strategies and challenges. In addition to things like data quality issues and lack of performance insights, one of the biggest limitations to scaling demand marketing contributions is often a lack of internal resources. 

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January 3, 2018

The Top 7 Demand Generation Blogs You Must Follow

The most effective demand generation marketers have one thing in common: they're seriously committed to self-improvement. Subscribing to blogs from the best thought-leaders in the industry can help you up your game by providing direct access to some of the latest insights, research and best practices. These seven blogs come highly recommended by us at Integrate as well as by the many B2B marketing pros we work with daily. While the topics aren't limited to demand generation exclusively, they do provide deep insight into key aspects of demand generation, like marketing automation, content marketing, lead generation and much more.

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December 20, 2017

How Demand Generation and Content Marketing Synergy Creates Marketing Magic

According to HubSpot research, businesses whose sales and marketing teams are aligned achieve 208% higher marketing revenue when compared to misaligned teams. Synergy always seems to drive better results than disparate teams working in silos.  When marketing, sales and customer support all work towards shared success metrics, the resulting synergy of efforts can yield big returns. And the benefits are not limited only to teams, marketing specialties can also work in tandem to drive greater holistic results. Perhaps the best example of where such teams must work together to generate demand is in the development and distribution of content.

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December 7, 2017

6 Effective Account-Based Marketing Examples You Can Copy Today

By this stage in the B2B marketing game, you’ve likely at least thought about adopting an account-based marketing (ABM) pilot program to complement your overall demand generation strategy. 2017 was the year of ABM, and we saw all versions of account-based marketing examples come through our inboxes – some good, some not so good. There are so many different approaches one can take to tackle ABM, but it won’t work without cross-departmental support and collaboration. So, you finally caved into the peer pressure and committed to testing the ABM waters. Sales and marketing have agreed upon an ABM strategy framework: goals have been set; accounts have been selected, individual roles and accountability are in place; content has been developed; and you’re ready to get your messaging and offers in front of your target accounts. The only thing you’ve yet to figure out – before you go into ABM execution mode – are the tactics you’ll use to engage the buying committee at your target accounts. Lucky for you, I’ve done my research and gathered some of the best, tried-and-true ABM examples and tactics in the B2B marketing world and compiled them here.

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November 1, 2017

10 Demand Generation Conferences You Must Attend in 2018

It’s event planning season here at Integrate.  As event marketing extraordinaire, I’ve been up to my eyeballs researching B2B marketing and demand generation conferences for our 2018 event marketing initiatives. At the same time, I’m trying to map out which demand generation conferences I want (and need) to attend. I get it – conference planning seems like a daunting task, and sometimes it’s easier just to keep our suitcases in the closet and stay home. As B2B marketers, it’s imperative for us to get in the field for in-person marketing events for a couple of reasons. 3 Reasons to Get to at Least One Demand Generation Conference Each Year

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October 26, 2017

How to Measure Demand Generation: 13 Expert Tips

So, you think your marketing is working great? What does that mean, exactly? From the perspective of your boss’s boss, it means that your organization is meeting or exceeding your key performance indicators (KPIs), such as marketing qualified leads generated, sales pipeline created and possibly new accounts closed. However, marketers in charge of demand generation are tasked with the challenge of understanding marketing and sales performance at a far more granular level. Measuring the right prospect and demand gen program insights, allowing you to optimize programs to generate higher quality leads that converts to new customer and revenue is among the most challenging aspects of demand gen marketing today. The solution isn’t to spend more time poring over spreadsheets and creating ad hoc analyses that reveal what probably drove last quarter’s performance. It’s to adopt a systemic, automated approach to understanding the demand generation metrics that matter – including lead conversion rates, cost per lead, average deal size and campaign ROI performance. While the core performance metrics can vary between organizations, read on to learn the expert’s perspective on the top ways to measure demand generation.

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