An Oracle Eloqua App Demand Gen AND Marketing Ops Can Agree On

closedloopeloquaSo, we’re releasing a new Integrate app today for Oracle Eloqua users.

Now, I typically wouldn’t make a big deal out of this – after all, apps in this space (or any space for that matter) are a dime a thousand – but this app is pretty awesome. And anyone who knows me is fully aware of my distain for hyperbole.

Why so awesome?

Simply put, because it makes closing the loop (numerous loops, actually) on your third-party demand generation programs as easy as dragging an icon into place on your Eloqua Campaign Canvas.

While closing the loop on inbound marketing campaigns has been pretty well automated for some time via Eloqua’s reporting tools, demand generation campaigns using third-party data sources (e.g., content marketing via media partners, webinar vendors, etc.) typically require far more manual effort to identify winning tactics (e.g., specific media partners, content assets, etc.) and optimize programs accordingly.

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Part of the reason for this challenge is due to varying organizational roles. Marketing ops teams usually own Eloqua, and demand gen teams typically work on the Integrate platform (though, this is by no means a universal rule). So, when it comes time to optimize a third-party demand generation program, the demand gen team relies on marketing ops to supply answers to questions such as:

  • Which campaigns are converting at the highest rates through the funnel?
  • Which media partners are generating the lowest cost per opportunity?
  • What types of content are more likely to drive sales accepted leads?

Answers to such questions (and many more) are useful throughout the flight of a demand generation program, but marketing ops teams rarely have the time and resources to keep demand gen pros apprised on a weekly, let alone daily, basis. In fact, many demand gen teams actually have to settle for optimizing programs on a quarterly basis. That means marketing budget is often being wasted on underperforming tactics for months at a time. 

The new Integrate Eloqua app, which by the way is fittingly named the Closed-Loop Media Optimizer, helps both teams. Once the app is configured in Eloqua, marketing ops simply selects and drags the Closed-Loop Media Optimizer icon as a workflow action onto the Campaign Canvas and selects the disposition (e.g., “Sales Ready” or “Opportunity”).

When a prospect hits that particular action in the campaign workflow, the disposition is automatically sent back to the Integrate platform, appended to all lead origination details: source, content, job title, geo location, etc. 


After initial campaign workflow build, the demand gen team always has the specific conversion data it needs to make decisions on the fly, without disrupting marketing ops. Consequently, both teams get more done, and with more success.

David Lewis, CEO of DemandGen, probably explains the value best: 

“A critical phase of building your Demand Factory™ is automation, Integrate’s Closed-Loop Media Optimizer app not only closes the data measurement loop for program performance but also automates the effort normally required to have both the Eloqua and Integrate databases in sync.”

If you’re a current customer of both Eloqua and Integrate, you can get the app here. Is doesn’t require an API connection; you simply download it from your existing Eloqua interface. A complete Closed-Loop Media Optimizer implementation guide can be read here.

EloquaThirdPartyIntegration_Thumbnail_v0.1If you’re an Eloqua customer but haven’t yet invested in Integrate’s platform, download our new white paper – created specifically for Eloqua users – to learn how you can benefit from Integrate’s software connecting third-party programs to your Oracle Marketing Cloud to fully automate demand gen.

You can get the white paper “Integrating 3rd-Party Programs with Eloqua to Fully Automate Demand Gen” here.




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