Avalara Uses Demand Orchestration Software to Create ABM Efficiency

Avalara – a leading tax solutions company – is on a mission to scale revenue. To accomplish this, Avalara’s marketing team has focused on creating efficiencies to better equip both marketing and sales efforts with the resources needed to execute a scalable account-based marketing (ABM) program. 

A critical part of Avalara’s ABM strategy is using third-party lead generation sources to reach target-account decision-makers early in the buyer’s journey. As Pamela Guyton-Micheles, Avalara’s Senior Manager of Demand Generation Marketing and International Programs, put it:

“It’s important to ensure your content syndication channels are fully integrated with your ABM program. Content syndication feeds ABM. If you have contacts that have a high-heat index and are repeatedly downloading your content from numerous sources, it really signifies intent, and gives you the ability to add another group to your ABM program. However, for this to work, you need that holistic visibility into performance across a complex web of vendors, campaigns and content assets. We didn’t have this before adopting Integrate.” –Pamela Guyton-Micheles, Senior Manager, Demand Generation Marketing and International Programs, Avalara

Avalara’s team needed to leverage these third-party audiences in order to generate enough demand to hit sales pipeline and revenue goals. Unfortunately, a number of top-funnel marketing challenges were hindering the performance of Avalara’s account-based demand gen efforts.

Top-Funnel Challenges Impeding Avalara’s ABM Performance

Avalara challengesLast year, Pamala and her team adopted Integrate’s Demand Orchestration Software to provide the automation, lead quality and campaign insights needed to gain the efficiencies required to execute Avalara’s ABM strategy. The results to efficiency have been strong. 

The Results To Date



By automating demand gen tasks, Avalara’s marketing team has regained 288 hours per month, allowing them to spend time on more mission-critical tasks.

“Integrate has allowed us to automate so many demand gen tasks – managing lead vendors, cleaning, deduping and standardizing leads, and injecting them into the marketing automaton platform almost immediately. We’re now able to launch follow-up campaigns almost immediately, test new lead vendors and content, and optimize programs based on learnings. Integrate has become an instrumental part of the sales cycle.” –Pamela Guyton-Micheles, Senior Manager, Demand Generation Marketing and International Programs, Avalara

Further, since its adoption by Avalara, Integrate’s Demand Orchestration Software has filtered out over 40% of leads that would’ve otherwise wasted marketer and sales development rep (SDR) time and effort. In fact, Integrate’s software has increased lead quality by 68.6%, saving Avalara’s SDR team a total of 3,000+ hours of lead-follow-up effort.

To learn more about Avalara’s approach to account-based marketing and sales efforts, get the full case study here.



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