How One B2B Agency Made Demand Generation as Efficient as Programmatic

Agencies are a vital extension of B2B marketing teams, tasked with creating compelling customer experiences that drive growth for clients. This means designing and executing demand generation programs to engage target audiences and convert them into new prospects.

As strategic as that sounds, in reality agency media teams often spend the bulk of their time processing spreadsheets and negotiating returns with media partners before they can even deliver leads to clients. Talk about a waste of resources.

The leaders at nFusion knew they needed a better way to manage clients’ top-of-funnel programs if they wanted to deliver maximum value. They needed to automate lead processing, improve lead quality and increase lead velocity – so they could get highly qualified leads into clients’ systems… fast. They also needed to centralize campaign and channel management AND get a clearer line of site into how programs were performing against clients’ target metrics.

If they could make demand generation as effective and efficient as programmatic marketing, then their media team could better focus on scaling what was working while continuing to develop innovative campaign strategies.

Check out this quick one-minute video to learn how nFusion took control of top-funnel marketing programs so they could deliver more value to clients while:

  • Reducing lead delivery time from over a week to less than 3 days
  • Decreasing duplicate and invalid leads by 44%
  • Cutting agency lead processing time by 75%
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If you're ready to learn more about how nFusion transformed its demand marketing capabilities to exceed client expectations, here's a direct link to the full case study.




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