B2B Marketing Words & Phrases That Shaped 2016

2016 bnb marketing word cloud.pngAs marketers, we know WORDS matter. They’re used to communicate, differentiate and deliver a clear understanding of your brand, company, products and ideas.  

We tried something a little different as we assessed 2016. We wanted to get handle on our current state and to understand what we were communicating. Our blog is often the starting point for shaping, sharing and honing our points of view. So, we created a “word cloud” around the Integrate blog to identify the words and topics and we spent the most energy on over the past year.

While our 2017 planning is chalked with forward thinking, it was a useful tool to first assess what we thought was important for B2B marketing in 2016.

Here is how to create a word cloud of your own:

b2b marketing words list.pngBelow are the words and phrases that were most often cited. There were not too many surprises when we assembled the data. It does, however, say a great deal about the topics we think were important to the B2B marketing customers and markets we serve.  

  • ABM Undoubtedly the B2B buzzword and “I think I should be doing that” thing in 2016
  • Marketing AutomationThe rock andgotta have” platform to nurture, qualify and manage leads
  • DataToday’s marketing currency, the value is still in the eye of the beholder
  • IntegrationsMarketers are always looking to kill silos and use tech to unite it all
  • Pipeline A big metric for us all; How big was yours in 2016?
  • Revenue – With customer retention and cross-sell/upsell a big bet for 2017
  • Marketing OpsThe most sexy, unsexy role in marketing this year
  • Demand GenerationThe marketing profession that is – no pun intended – in high demand

One clear conclusion is that we’re always balancing the here and now – what’s a part of every B2B marketers’ day (see above) – and the emerging topics gaining steam (see below). Here are the up-and-coming phrases gaining steam.

What were the words and themes that mattered to you in 2016? And, most importantly, what will be the words and topics that matter for 2017?  

Perhaps we have a marketing ops game changer use predictive marketing and data integrated with your marketing automation platform to identify the pipeline of B2B marketing words and phrases that will mater in 2017!





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