Box Revs Its Revenue Marketing Engine to Increase Efficiency and Drive 3.9x ROI

We’re always happy when our customers report strong results after using our Demand Orchestration Solution. But when our customers’ ROI figures nearly quadruple, it’s safe to say we’re ecstatic – and that’s how we feel today as we release Box’s case study.

If by some unlikely chance you’re unfamiliar with Box, it’s the leading cloud content management technology for enterprise companies – and it’s growing very quickly.

Like most rapidly growing tech companies, Box was facing challenges of scale. To maintain its rate of expansion in the market, the Box team – led by Heather BerggrenLoralie Cranfill and Jeff Siegel – determined a comprehensive strategy was necessary to efficiently ramp up demand gen results, reduce manual tasks and eliminate bad data from entering its database.


To execute their strategy and achieve their goals, the team looked to Integrate’s Demand Orchestration Solution to drive marketing efficiency and increase lead-data quality. As Heather Berggren, Sr. Director, Campaigns and Demand Generation at Box stated:

“Fixing this vehicle would be a pretty monumental task – rebuilding trust with sales, educating them on the value of the vehicle, revitalizing our content, targeting our key prospects and scaling these efforts efficiently. Without the right platform to align these elements and drive programs at scale, we would have had a hard time achieving the results we have shown to date.”

Highlighted Results to Date:


“Adopting Integrate’s platform allowed us to free up resources to focus on advancing our overall media strategy and experiment more in the market. With Integrate’s ability to execute a wide range of specialized programs, it also meant we could test strategies at scale and learn from them easily. For example, we were able to run very clean A/B testing on account-targeting strategies leveraging intent-based predictive analytics to help identify high ROI programs and audiences for specific campaigns.” – Loralie Cranfill, Sr. Manager, Media Planning & Activation, Box

To learn more about how the Box team created and executed their comprehensive demand orchestration strategy, read the full case study here.



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