Budgeting For Your 2016 Account-Based Marketing Road Map

account-based marketing technology road mapIt’s 2016 budget planning season. And with account-based marketing (ABM) on the minds of B2B marketers everywhere, we thought a quick guide to the various ABM technologies and the vendors that supply them would be helpful.

Kicking off an effective ABM program requires two initial efforts:

  1. Developing objectives and success metrics
  2. Acquiring and integrating the marketing systems and tools needed to execute programs

Later this month, we’ll be releasing an entire workbook to help guide marketers through the process of developing a comprehensive account-based marketing program.

It’ll cover everything from setting up objectives and metrics to identifying targeted accounts (and specific audiences within) to creating an engagement strategy to building marketing and sales playbooks.

But for now, with 2016 budget deadlines looming, this “Quick-Start Guide to Planning Your ABM Road Map” will give you a head start. Having read it, you’ll know what systems and tools you’ll need to add to your martech stack in 2016 to implement a successful ABM program.

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