Drive More Sales with Data-Driven B2B Demand Generation

Last week, our CEO, Jeremy Bloom, debuted the Integrate Demand Cloud and stressed the importance of building meaningful connections in today’s digital-first world. But what’s the first step in doing so? You must find a way to ensure that all your demand assets – your data, your campaigns and channels, your processes and workflows, your technology investments, even your people – are all connected and working together.

An essential element of the Integrate Demand Cloud is that it enables marketers to connect all of their marketing initiatives. Optimizing your existing MarTech investment is what makes the Integrate Demand Cloud your Demand Cloud. I would like to share with you a few details about a powerful component of the Integrate Demand Cloud that makes those connections seamless and ensures your demand investments deliver better performance – the Integrate Demand Cloud Ecosystem.

Why an Ecosystem, Why Now?

MarTech stacks are riddled with disconnected data, creating silos that hold us back from delivering buyer and account journeys, from creating meaningful experiences that engage our audiences, and that prevent us from capturing the insights to improve results. B2B marketing teams have, on average, 50+ technologies and account based marketing demand generation. But we know that siloed data, one-off technologies, and disconnected channels cost us time, budget and revenue.

An Ecosystem to Power Your Demand Cloud and Effort

The Integrate Demand Cloud Ecosystem provides marketers with the ability to connect the essential data, technology and consulting services providers they need to streamline their demand effort and increase their performance. Marketers can bring their current providers or leverage a robust network Integrate will recommend including:

  • Account-based Marketing and Targeting: Drive targeted demand generation efforts across marketing channels by activating your target account lists with Intent providers like Bombora, Engagio, 6sense and others.
  • Social Media Marketing: Harness the power of social media marketing channels including LinkedIn and Facebook to extend your demand efforts.
  • Virtual and in-person events: Power your event efforts with integrations to leading virtual event providers like On24 and BrightTalk and over 50 live event registration companies.
  • Intelligent Data and Activation: Create targeted, intent driven demand generation campaigns with the power of Intent providers, like Bombora, and technographic and firmographic data providers.
  • Technology, Tools and Systems: Connect to the leading Marketing Automation Systems; including Adobe Marketo Engage, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, or Oracle Eloqua; and eliminate manual lead processing and routing in order to increase your speed to lead and nurture capabilities.
  • Marketing Services and Specialty Agencies: Leverage experts in brand and demand, marketing automation, account-based marketing, and demand strategy such as DemandGen, Digital Pi (Merkle), Inverta, JUST Media, LeadFabric, and many others.

A World of Possibilities

Connecting your data and systems opens a world of possibilities for connected brand experiences and customer journeys. You can leverage the Integrate Demand Cloud to:

Drive Precision Demand Generation
  • Connect your data intelligence and intent providers to your Demand Cloud.
  • Create a target account list based on fit and intent.
  • Connect your media providers to your Demand Cloud through the Integrate Demand Cloud Ecosystem and drive a precision content syndication campaign.
  • Ensure your leads are valid, deduped, privacy compliant and meet the parameters of your campaign.
  • Prioritize and route leads by connecting your marketing automation system.
  • Leverage intent topics to determine optimal nurture strategy to increase lead conversion rate and create a unique buying experience for your new audiences.
Create Focused and Engaged Audiences for Events
  • Create a focused and engaged audience for your online or in-person events using account based digital ads and content syndication.
  • Drive a consistent brand experience for your buyers with connected ads, forms, and events.
  • Activate your events by connecting your media providers to the Integrate Demand Cloud and driving a targeted content syndication campaign.
  • Retarget accounts who opt in through your event channels to create greater awareness of your brand within the account.

We’re passionate about making connections – and our mission is delivering a flexible and scalable framework that makes it easy and efficient to architect your Demand Cloud through the Demand Cloud Partner Ecosystem. Over the coming weeks we’ll be diving into the connections inside our Demand Cloud Ecosystem and highlighting the ways we’ve come together to deliver customer value.

We’re excited to show you the power of connections and the power of the Demand Cloud Ecosystem.

If you want to learn more about putting the Integrate Demand Cloud Ecosystem to work for you or are interested in becoming an ecosystem partner, contact me at:

Colby Cavanaugh - VP Business Development & Alliances
Colby Cavanaugh
VP Business Development & Alliances, Integrate

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