The Closed-Loop Marketing Era [White Paper]

data-standardizationMarketers annually invest billions of dollars in both marketing technology and media in an attempt to more effectively discover and converse with customers, but this attempt is drastically hindered.

Why? Because marketers aren’t leveraging the data garnered from marketing technology (marketing automation, customer relationship management and data management systems) to its full potential.

Actionable customer insights are stymied by disconnected marketing systems and hindered even more by rift between marketing and media investment.

At a time when making lasting impressions with targeted personas gets tougher by the day, marketers strive to ensure they’re generating maximal efficiency and performance visibility.

Download the Integrate white paper: “The Closed-Loop Era: Breaking through the clouds to full visibility marketing.”

And if your marketing stack isn’t interconnected – from bottom-funnel nurturing and scoring activities all the way up to top-funnel outbound demand gen programs – you’re hamstringing martech value and wasting media budget.

For a few years now, high-performing marketers have been integrating CRM and marketing automation systems to close the small loop on inbound marketing programs. This has enabled them to identify the inbound content and tactics driving the most pipeline volume and conversions.

Now these forward-thinking organizations are expanding integrations to close the bigger loop on outbound demand gen initiatives. They can now analyze the specific impact of various content, channels, targeting tactics and media partners leveraged in third-party, outbound marketing campaigns (content syndication, advertising, lead gen, etc.).

Integrate’s new white paper, “The Closed-Loop Era: Breaking through the clouds to full visibility marketing,” discusses:

  • The current state of closed-loop marketing for inbound and outbound marketing
  • Obstacles that prevent most marketing organizations from closing the outbound loop
  • How to overcome these obstacles
  • Several considerations for identifying the right closed-loop marketing technology

Closing the marketing loop allows demand marketers to quickly adjust marketing initiatives, media investment and messaging according to newfound intelligence. The quicker these adjustments are executed, the less resources you waste, and the more you can invest in the marketing efforts that generate greater business value.

To learn more about how closed-loop marketing can increase marketing performance and ROI, download the Integrate white paper: “The Closed-Loop Era: Breaking through the clouds to full visibility marketing.”

Closed-Loop Marketing Era


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