Collapse Silos and Unify Your Approach to Performance Marketing (Here's How)

In today’s complex digital marketing landscape, it’s becoming more common for busy marketing teams to put a band-aid on current processes instead of implementing long-term solutions aimed at scaling ROI.

It's important B2B marketers collapse siloed efforts between departments to improve communication about operations, reporting needs, updates to programs and adoption of new technology platforms.

On December 6th, Ruby Kuo from Microsoft’s Analytics Team, will be presenting a live webinar to share how her team pushed for and achieved a unified approach to their performance marketing initiatives.

The webinar will cover how Ruby and her team:

  • Stopped focusing on quick fixes that only benefited individual teams
  • Built a data-driven culture that focuses on customer experience
  • Invested in scalable MarTech solutions that lead to improved efficiencies and ROI across the entire organization


 RubyKuo  Ruby Kuo – Digital Analytics – Global Demand Center, Microsoft


10am PT / 1pm ET, December 6th, 2018

Click here or the below call-to-action to register.

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