Commvault’s Content Marketing Strategy Delivers 3.5x More Deals

CommVaultBanner_v0.1.png“It’s obvious that people coming to your site are interested, but there’s a ton of people that don’t make it there. It’s critical to engage larger audiences on trusted third-party sites. But that requires a lot of resources.” - Dawn Colossi, Sr. Director of Worldwide Digital Marketing, Commvault

It surprises me how many B2B businesses take the principles of inbound marketing – developing personas, devising a comprehensive website, landing page and social strategy, and creating great content – and then stop there.

Even the largest, most well-known B2B brands can’t expect all their potential customers to show up at their front door.

That’s why the companies that are successful in their efforts to continuously scale pipeline and revenue are the same companies that invest in third-party content distribution, sometimes called content syndication.

Commvault proves content syndication’s ROI

The demand generation team at Commvault shows that a properly executed third-party content marketing strategy needn’t be difficult nor expensive.

Nurturing hundreds of thousands of prospects used to be a time- and resource-draining objective before marketing automation platforms came along. The same goes for distributing your content assets at the top of the funnel – top-funnel marketing automation is enabled by demand orchestration software.

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Commvault adopted Integrate’s Demand Orchestration Software to:

The results so far have been impressive…

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Check out the Commvault case study to learn how Dawn and the marketing team are using digital, content-driven engagement strategies with demand orchestration to impact revenue.



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