Content Syndication Isn’t Lead Generation, It’s An Introduction [Interview]

A few weeks back, Dawn Colossi, Senior Director of WW Digital Marketing at Commvault, wrote a guest post for the Integrate blog.

To date, the post holds the Integrate blog record for most views, engagement, shares and general complements within a single week.

…Dawn is clearly better at this B2B marketing stuff than us.

After my initial feelings of jealously subsided, I swallowed my pride, accepted my inferiority as a content marketer and writer, and decided that the best thing to do would be to interview Dawn for more marketing insights. The video below is the result.

I wrote up a list of 10 potential questions and asked Dawn which three she’d like to discuss. She chose:

  1. What conversations should marketers be having with sales, but typically aren’t?
  2. Why has Commvault been so successful with content marketing syndication?
  3. What B2B demand challenges should more marketing execs be aware of?

Never one to mince words, Dawn gets to the point, offering valuable opinions that every B2B marketer – whether you’re in an executive, demand generation or marketing operations role – should stop and think about.

What I found particularly insightful was Dawn’s perspective on content syndication when she says (I’m paraphrasing here): Content syndication isn’t the same as demand gen or lead gen, it’s rather an introduction, a handshake with individuals whom you should seek to further engage with good content, not just try to convert and hand off to sales. This struck me as a very salient point that’s often lost on demand gen marketers.

Check out the full interview here…





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