Demand Generation Marketing: 16 Resources to Level Up Your Skills

According to DemandGen’s 2018 Benchmark Survey Report, B2B marketers use a broad mix of digital demand generation channels. In fact, the most effective channels for driving early-stage engagement are email, search, website and social. However, despite their success, many B2B marketers still struggle to unlock the full potential of these digital channels. A single truth remains — demand generation is more challenging than ever before.

“The majority (80%) of today’s marketers rate their efforts to generate new leads as only 'slightly' or 'somewhat' effective. Filling your sales pipeline with marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) is a challenge for organizations of all sizes. However, understanding how lead generation fits into the larger spectrum of a holistic demand generation strategy may help marketers adopt smarter methods of measuring demand generation and improve their data-driven marketing programs.” - William Anthony, Director of Business and Customer Operations at Integrate.

If you're struggling to achieve your B2B marketing goals, check out these 16 focused and value-driven resources to unlock the full power of your demand generation efforts.

16 Resources to Master Demand Generation Marketing

There are a variety of growth-oriented resources designed to help marketers master demand generation. These resources are some of our favorites.

Articles, Guides and Ebooks:

There are thousands of articles, guides and ebooks on the internet related to demand generation. A healthy diet of these resources can dramatically improve a marketer’s demand generation skillset and effectiveness. Here are a few we find particularly helpful.

What is Demand Generation? [FAQs]: This post is a comprehensive overview of demand generation. It includes key insights around the role of inbound marketing in demand generation; how demand generation influences sales; and how data should influence demand generation strategies.

You’re Doing it Wrong: Demand Generation: This article explains why conventional marketing may be misleading your demand generation efforts. Features survey results from more than 3,000 B2B buyer stakeholders including decision makers, influencers and end users.

How to Design a Compelling Demand Generation Strategy for the C-Suite: This article offers a step-by-step guide to building an engagement strategy that leads to more C-suite sales.

Demand Marketing Assessment Guide: This guide provides marketers with a comprehensive introduction to demand orchestration, emerging B2B marketing strategies used to coordinate top-of-funnel marketing activities and 12 customizable worksheets to guide you through every aspect of demand orchestration.


Authorities in demand generation construct infographics to visualize important data, research and findings. There are plenty of high-value infographics to aid the marketer’s search for effective demand generation programs, strategies and tactics including:

The Blogging Food Groups: Blogging is an integral component of any high-impact demand generation strategy. This helpful infographic provides a comprehensive overview of the most effective types of content.

Geosocial Universe 3.0: Content distribution channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn give marketers the opportunity to reach larger audiences. The simple and easy-to-read infographic contextualizes the most popular distribution channels, devices and more.


Webinars give digital marketers direct access to hands-on learning sessions, walkthroughs and more.

The New Era of Demand Gen: Best Practices for Engagement: This webinar includes on-demand access to the most effective engagement channels to boost quality leads, multi-channel lead nurturing, demand generation measurement metrics and more.

Game Changers in Action: 3 Winning Demand Marketing Strategies for Your Playbook: Winning demand generation secrets from Maria Pergolino, SVP of Marketing at Apttus, Scott Fingerhut, WW VP of Demand Generation at Elastic and Beki Scarbrough, MarTech, Automation & Demand Generation Expert.

How to Take a Proactive Approach to Increasing Marketing Database Quality: Marketers must be proactive about cleaning their data. This webinar provides marketers with strategies and tactics to prevent bad data from contaminating B2B marketing strategies.

Not Your Mother's Content Syndication (How to Make 3rd-Party Demand Gen an Effective Pipeline Driver): Content syndication has been a B2B marketing staple for years, but recent inbound philosophy, ABM focus and shiny new tech promises have left many marketers unsure where their 3rd-party demand gen tactics fit in. This webinar provides ideas to amplify your team's impact on revenue by pairing scalable 3rd-party demand gen tactics with the modern data, technology and principles.


Interviews with industry-leading experts and thought leaders provide a ton of valuable insights. These professionals have been in the trenches for a long time, and they know the struggles marketers face. Their experience and expertise gives them the ability to share powerful and practical advice.

Demand Generation Best Practices: Thought Leadership with The LeadSloth: Interview with Jep Castelein, Author of LeadSloth on Demand Generation: Smart Tools for Lazy Marketers.

How is B2B Marketing and the Role of CMO Changing?: Interview with Patrice Greene, President and Cofounder at Inverta, a B2B marketing consulting firm.

Content Syndication Isn’t Lead Generation, It’s an Introduction [Interview]: Interview with Dawn Colossi, Senior Director of WW Digital Marketing at Commvault.


Finally, industry reports are some of the most effective resources for digital marketers working to shape their demand generation efforts. Download the following reports and kickstart your demand generation program with all the latest insights and findings:

2018 Demand Generation Benchmark Survey Report: Information about marketing’s role in revenue generation, cross-channel planning for driving more effective demand generation and the latest tools you should add to your MarTech toolbox.

Marketing Benchmarks from 7,000+ Businesses: This report provides readers with a how-to on increasing both traffic and leads through a variety of marketing assets including web pages, blogging, landing pages, social media and more.

The Cost of Bad Leads: This report synthesizes the latest third-party research – surveys, analyst briefings, vendor reports and influencer articles – along with an analysis of over 3.6 million B2B leads processed through the Integrate platform to: 1) identify the most common types of bad leads; 2) estimate the costs of these bad leads; and 3) provide marketing teams with guidance on how improve contact data quality and increase database integrity. It also includes a couple helpful worksheets.


Level-Up Your Demand Generation Game

The path to demand generation success is riddled with pitfalls. Use the resources above to dodge some of the hazards that lie ahead and unlock the potential of your demand gen efforts.

Download the 2018 Benchmark Survey Report to learn more about the latest tactics and tools industry-leading marketers use to increase engagement and conversions. You will find a lot of valuable information including:

  • Marketing’s role in revenue generation
  • Cross-channel planning for driving demand
  • New tools added to the MarTech toolbox

Download the 2018 Benchmark Survey Report and benchmark your demand generation efforts against the world’s leading enterprises, small businesses and startups. New call-to-action


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