Demand Marketing Planning Template: Sales-Marketing Revenue Goals

sales marketing goals demand marketing worksheet.pngI’ve been lucky enough to have had both sales and marketing roles. While it is invaluable experience, especially in my current CMO role, I know one thing for sure – sales and marketing pros have different mindsets. This makes it extremely difficult to achieve much-needed alignment.

The problem is often exacerbated by the fact that sales and marketing often have different (or wishy-washy) goals. Working with hundreds of B2B organizations and as part of our own effort at Integrate, we’ve found that B2B marketing teams and sales organizations communicate in vague, general terms – i.e., qualitative terms without specific quantitative KPIs, goals and rewards.

Successful organizations are making progress by focusing everything around two areas:

  1. The customer/prospect
  2. Revenue/pipeline

Everything else becomes noise.

They sit down in a regular cadence to not just set unified goals, but to review progress and focus on areas of improvement to exceed revenue targets.

To help and as part of our Demand Marketing Assessment Guide and Workbook, we’ve developed templates for planning this crucial effort around setting unified, quantitative sales + marketing goals and KPIs. The worksheets can be customized and will help you plan all the way from lead to revenue, based on your specific business model (average contract value, market segments and your revenue targets).

Revenue & pipeline goals by segment/market & month

sales marketing alignment 2.png

Matching lead goals by segment/market & month

sales marketing lead goals 2.png

(Get all 12 demand marketing templates here)

Starting with your revenue targets by segments/market, you can calculate the number of leads marketing and sales need to generate and prospects you need to advance through the pipeline to hit your joint number. Once you have the number, then you can develop demand creation programs with clear delivery targets to get you there.

This integrated sales-and-marketing effort will eliminate much of the noise and avoid having to be so focused on who gets “credit” for what. This obsession with who “sourced” often distracts all parties from focusing needed energy on hitting the target.

One ask. These are “open source” for the B2B sales-marketing community. We would appreciate any feedback and ideas on making the Demand Marketing Guide and Workbook and the sales-marketing planning template more useful. 



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