[Infographic] Teaming Up to Tackle ABM: Demandbase + Integrate

Last week we posted a blog discussing the reasons why so many B2B marketers struggle with their account-based marketing (ABM) strategies. While marketers face several important obstacles to ABM success, it’s clear that the most daunting challenge is executing on the data – i.e., identifying, engaging and obtaining info from decision-makers at specified accounts.

In fact, Integrate and Demandbase recently cosponsored a survey of more than 500 B2B marketers to gain specific insights on the state of ABM adoption and its challenges. And guess what it found…

“The No.1 biggest obstacle to ABM success is obtaining accurate, rich data on target account decision-makers.”

The Demandbase + Integrate Partnership

Recognizing the need for better ABM execution, Demandbase and Integrate have announced a new partnership to help marketers convert target accounts to leads or opportunities, which 60% of survey respondents listed as their primary ABM objective.

Matt Senatore, research director at SiriusDecisions explains the need well:

“For ABM practitioners, being able to go beyond the account to the contact level is critically important to drive deeper relevance and specificity. For those companies focused on lead generation within target accounts, technology that can help automate this is an important component that enables their ABM programs to scale more efficiently.”

The Demandbase-Integrate partnership includes product integration in which accounts demonstrating increased engagement from account-based advertising are synchronized with Integrate’s software.

Integrate then orchestrates demand generation campaigns across an ecosystem of media partners to engage key stakeholders within those accounts, generating highly qualified lead data, which is then imported into the customer’s marketing automation system and/or sales process. This activity is simultaneously reported back to Demandbase’s Account-Based Advertising dashboard.

The infographic below further highlight’s the partnership’s value.

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