Developing an Account-Based Marketing Program: A Workbook

ABMWorkbookDocumentThumbnailIn a blog posted earlier this month, I mentioned that we’d be releasing an account-based marketing workbook to guide marketers through the process of developing a full-fledged ABM program. Well, my procrastination has ended and that day has come…with three days to spare actually.

And the primary reason I was able to keep my October promise was because I didn’t complete this work alone. The workbook, titled “Developing an Account-Based Marketing Program: A Workbook for Success,” was a joint effort between Integrate and Matt Heinz of Heinz Marketing.

Get The Workbook “Developing an Account-Based Marketing Program” Here

The initial idea for the workbook came about as Matt and I were discussing all the conceptions of what account-based marketing is and what a sophisticated ABM program today entails. If you’ve ever had a conversation on this topic, you know how many turns it can take – a lot. That’s because ABM isn’t a simple process – it’s much more than just naming your wish list of clients or customers.

Realizing how complicated an ABM effort could be if you didn’t have a structured program (and the right technology), we thought a workbook to facilitate marketers' efforts would be a good idea.

The result is a step-by-step resource designed to guide you through the several stages of creating an effective account-based marketing strategy:

  • Setting agreed-upon goals among your marketing and sales colleagues
  • Identifying the accounts you'll target as well as the decision-making personas within those accounts
  • Mapping content to the buyer's journey
  • Planning content distribution tactics to attract account and persona engagement
  • Devising an ABM technology road map to increase program efficiency and effectiveness

More than an instructional guide, the workbook includes eight customizable worksheets to help you track and organize your efforts.

If you have any questions or would like some assistance in developing your own ABM program, please reach out to us at Integrate or Heinz Marketing.




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