Five Account-Based Marketing Quotes to Live By

According to DemandGen Report’s The 2018 State of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) survey, 93% of ABM practitioners report the strategy is "extremely or very important" to organizational success. 91% have experienced higher deal sizes for ABM accounts versus non-ABM accounts.

While you may believe ABM is right for your company, perhaps your boss is less sold on the idea. A shift to account-based demand generation can be a significant change initiative for B2B organizations. Instead of focusing on campaigns first and accounts second, organizations identify target accounts and then create campaigns. Optimizing for success will require new ABM software and stronger sales-marketing integration.

To assist you in winning executive buy-in for ABM, we've curated five inspiring quotes from leading subject matter experts. Use these words to strengthen your own ABM excitement, or present them directly to your boss.

Five Account-Based Marketing Quotes from the Industry's Best

The following experts represent some of the best-known founders and leaders in B2B MarTech and ABM research. Beyond basic definitions of ABM, we've curated quotes on the value ABM can provide to the enterprise and why it matters in contemporary marketing.

1. ABM is Customer-First Conversations

account-based marketing quotes jill rowleyJill Rowley, Chief Growth Officer at Marketo, views ABM as an approach to sales and marketing which puts the buyer first. Rowley says,

“People want to have conversations about themselves: their problems, their goals, their business, their aspirations, their world...

Having customer-first conversations is now a requisite for the modern sales process. People want the conversation on their terms–where they want to have it and when they want to have it.”

Why it Matters:

Rowley's quote highlights an essential fact about account-based demand generation: ABM isn't a new strategy, it's just a modern take on time-tested marketing practices. While B2B conversations have evolved to include a mix of digital and analog channels, ABM enables organizations to have the right conversations with the right people in the right venues. "Customer-first" marketing isn't ground-breaking, but ABM can allow organizations to target accounts and allocate resources effectively.

2. ABM Enables Efficiency

account-based marketing quotes jessica fewlessJessica Fewless, Vice President of ABM Strategy at DemandBase, says,

“If you evaluate ABM on a cost per target account basis, it’s typically far more efficient than traditional marketing methods.

And since you’re focused on your most important and high-value accounts, overall acquisition costs (as a percentage of the deal and lifetime value) typically go down, not up.”

Why it Matters:

Research from DemandGen Report's 2018 survey confirms ABM can improve ROI. In addition to higher deal size, 89% of marketers who adopt ABM experience improvement in conversion rates from sales pipeline to closed deals.

Fewless’s quotation reveals why ABM makes financial sense for qualified B2B organizations. An account-based demand gen strategy allows marketing and sales to focus on accounts with the highest potential returns.

3. ABM Creates Stronger Partnerships

account-based marketing quotes meagan heuerMeagan Heuer, Vice President of Research at SiriusDecisions, says,

“Common sense and ample research evidence show that marketing and sales together are needed to support buyers on their journey. This requires a balanced strategy, where sales and marketing understand their respective roles and how those need to be coordinated in every stage of buying.

ABM is the way to operationalize that strategy as a partnership that’s focused on delivering growth.”

Why it Matters:

Alignment between sales, marketing and the executive function is necessary to launch a successful ABM strategy. Before organizations can begin to identify target accounts, teams must work together to set goals and assign new roles. With shared targets and a clear vision, sales and marketing can unlock greater velocity.

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4. Technology Enables ABM at Scale

account-based marketing quotes jon millerJon Miller, CEO and Co-Founder at Engagio, says,

“People have been doing ABM for a small number of the largest, most complicated named accounts for years. But ABM was held back because the time it took to research and to personalize wasn't ultimately scalable...

New technologies have come out that enable you to be account-based at a new order of magnitude. And I think that has unlocked ABM for a lot more companies.”

Why it Matters:

Miller highlights the fact that account-focused B2B marketing isn’t new. However, technology has revolutionized the landscape. B2B decision-makers have new expectations and behaviors. MarTech innovation has created new opportunities for organizations to research, design engagement and orchestrate ABM at scale.

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5. Targeting the Right Decision-Makers

account-based marketing quotes carol krolCarol Krol, Content Director at Dun & Bradstreet, says,

“An account-based marketing strategy holds enormous potential for B2B marketers today looking to leverage the power of engaging constituents across their most important and potentially valuable prospects. It’s no surprise, then, that investment in ABM has risen so dramatically.”

Why it Matters:

B2B decision-makers are generally risk-averse and careful to research. However, the B2B buyer's journey has become more complicated in recent years. The average "decision unit" now involves 6.8 buyers. An ABM strategy allows organizations to create engagement strategies which target each member of the decision unit and their unique needs with highly relevant content resources.

Key Takeaways from the Best Account-Based Marketing Quotes

Each of these experts offers unique experience and perspective on the topic of ABM. However, there are several common threads. These game-changing marketers highlight that ABM isn't new, it's just evolved along with B2B marketing best practices. There's also a focus on using the right technologies to create and orchestrate customer-focused engagement.

For organizations that are qualified for ABM, adopting the approach requires strong alignment between sales, marketing, customer success and the executive function. It can require revisions to the MarTech stack and other strategic shifts. However, research confirms that successful ABM offers efficiency and ROI.

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