Get Clean, Stay Clean: Key Steps to a Healthier B2B Marketing Database

All B2B marketers understand the importance of keeping their marketing database full of accurate, complete and up-to-date data. Unfortunately, we often rely on infrequent, one-off sprints to purge our databases, with long gaps between cleanings and bad habits allowing dirty data to sneak in.

On November 15th, Patti Heath, Marketing Technologist at DemandGen, and I will be hosting a live webinar to both show the importance of routine database maintenance – citing data from the recent Cost of Bad Leads Report – and provide a roadmap for B2B marketers to develop their own “get clean, stay clean” strategy.

The webinar will discuss with real-life examples:

  • The extent to which bad data hurts B2B marketing efforts
  • How B2B marketing teams can shift to a more proactive approach to gain and maintain a healthy database
  • The tools and rules it takes to get the job done


Event_GetCleanStayClean_LandingPage_PattiPatti Heath – Marketing Technologist, DemandGen

Event_GetCleanStayClean_LandingPage_DavidDavid Crane – Director of Research, Strategy and Content, Integrate


November 15th 10am PT / 1pm ET

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