[eBook] Guide to Prospect Data Quality

GuidetoProspectDataQualityThumbnail_v0.1Today, we’ve released an ebook, “Guide to Prospect Data Quality,” to help marketing operations and demand gen professionals identify and solve growing problems resulting from poor-quality prospect data.

The ebook provides detailed guidance on ensuring your prospect data quality is accurate, complete and actionable BEFORE injecting it into your marketing systems or passing on to sales for follow-up. It also provides an analysis of more than 775K B2B leads and data governance insights from companies such as DocuSign and TIBCO.

You can download the ebook here.

For further context, see the below, recently published content discussing the importance of preventing bad prospect data from contaminating your marketing automation and sales efforts:

The Prospect Data Quality Index highlights the extent to which inaccurate, incomplete or duplicate lead data pervades the industry. The study found that Integrate’s data validation software on average blocked 40% of generated B2B leads in the tech industry (in 2014) due to a number of quality issues ranging from missing fields to invalid email addresses to duplicate data.

The infographic “Causes & Consequences of Dirty Data” puts the Index’s findings in a wider context, citing numerous studies that have estimated marketing database inaccuracy and surveyed a growing marketer focus on lead quality.  The infographic also calls out the common repercussions of dirty data that undermine marketing and sales efforts.

A Marketo blog post written by Integrate’s CMO Scott Vaughan titled “4 Steps to Tackle Data Quality and Velocity Issues” goes into great detail about the consequences of injecting poor quality lead data into your marketing automation systems and provides brief yet helpful advice on how marketers can prevent customer database contamination.

Join us on February 19th at 10am PST for another #MarTechChat on Twitter. We’ll be delving deeper into the topic of data quality with industry practitioners and influencers alike.



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