How is B2B Marketing and the Role of CMO Changing?

Patrice Greene is President and Co-Founder at Inverta, a B2B marketing consulting firm. I’ve interviewed her before (along with Kathy Macchi), which made for a fun discussion about common account-based marketing (ABM) challenges. (Check out that video interview here)

Moreover, Patrice is one of the six judges on the panel for Integrate’s annual recognition program – B2B Game Changers Spotlight – which highlights exemplary B2B marketing leaders. 


So… always the opportunist, I somehow cajoled Patrice into doing another quick video interview, this time focusing on how she sees the B2B marketing landscape changing and what it takes to be a successful B2B marketer and marketing leader today.  

Quick promo moment: If you know any B2B marketers setting a high bar for pipeline performance, customer experience and/or creativity, nominate them as a 2018 B2B Game Changer – it’ll make them feel all warm and fuzzy…and possibly stop them from jumping to another job opportunity (I joke…kind of). You can nominate them here:

Now, back to Patrice’s interview…


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