Proactive Approaches to Increasing B2B Marketing Database Integrity

B2B marketing database quality has been a major concern among businesses for years. Yet, the problem only seems to be getting worse as marketing teams identify new types and sources of prospect data, and the martech vendors that serve them find new ways of generating it.

In fact, a 2017 Ascend2 and Informatica report states:

“A clear majority of marketing decision-makers (62 percent) point to improving the quality of marketing data as a most important objective of a successful marketing data strategy.”[1] 

Another recent report, however, shows that a mere 6.6% of B2B marketers “believe their data is complete and up-to-date. Slightly more than 4 in 10 marketers aren't confident in the quality of their MA and CRM data.”[2]

Further, a 2016 CEB survey illustrates the low confidence sales has in leads generated by marketers’ demand generation programs. Out of the 17 characteristics that drive sales’ likelihood to pursue a lead, “Customer referred by marketer demand generation program” ranked 13th.[3]

It’s clear – most B2B marketing databases are full of bad or unusable data. Why? …It’s largely because B2B marketers continue to pump poor quality leads into their marketing automation and CRM systems and execs aren't fully aware of the consequences.

Incomplete prospect info, duplicate contacts, invalid email addresses, untargeted personas and non-compliant leads – all of these issues plague our systems, waste our time and resources, undermine our program performance and even put our businesses in legal jeopardy (refer to GDPR fines).

Struggling to clean your prospect database after it has lost its integrity isn’t good enough in today’s B2B marketing environment.

Webinar: “How to Take A Proactive Approach to Increasing Marketing Database Integrity

On Wednesday, November 8th 10am PT / 1pm ET, DemandGen, Integrate and SecureWorks will team up to discuss why B2B marketers should rethink their approach to lead quality and database integrity, and how they can switch from a reactive to a preventative approach to poor marketing data quality.

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In this 45-minute webinar, CMOs, demand generation and marketing operations practioners will learn:

  • How to identify issues regarding poor database quality
  • Strategies and tactics that you can use to prevent bad data from sinking your B2B marketing strategy
  • SecureWorks’ preventative approach to database integrity and the results they’ve seen

Webinar Hosts

Bonus material

Webinar registrants will get Integrate’s upcoming 50-page research report, “The True Cost of a Bad Lead,” a week before its release date.


[1] Informatica, Leadership Benchmark Report on Marketing Data Quality Trends, 2017.
[2] Bizable, Heinz, Uberflip, Radius, LinkedIn, State of Pipeline Marketing, 2017.
[3] CEB, Delivering on Marketing’s Promise to Drive Sales, 2016


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