[Infographic] Account-Based Marketing 2016: What You Need To Know

Account-based-marketing_2016_image.pngIn light of today’s #FlipMyFunnel Roadshow kickoff, we thought it timely to throw together an infographic that illustrates the importance and growing adoption of account-based marketing strategies (ABM). The graphic concludes with 8 quick, helpful steps on how to get started with your own ABM program.

If after making your way through the infographic, you’d like to take a deeper dive into ABM strategy development, be sure to check out the “Developing an Account-Based Marketing Program” workbook we recently created with Heinz Marketing.

And be sure to follow today’s roadshow via live tweets using the hashtag #FlipMyFunnel as well as the handles of Integrate CMO, Scott Vaughan (@ScottAVaughan), and Heinz Marketing President, Matt Heinz (@HeinzMarketing).


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