5 Non-Marketing Infographics to Inspire Your Content Marketing

infographic_featured-898035-edited.pngWhile not quite an Ivory Tower, Marketing (especially in the tech space) tends to be a rather small community in which the same thoughts, reasoning, ideas, terms and more often get regurgitated back and forth until we’re all basically one big army of marketing storm troopers.

While this is great for mutual morale, it can deflate creativity, which even in the proverbial “data-driven” landscape is still important.

To inspire some marketing originality, I find it’s often helpful to step outside the industry’s bubble. Taking a few minutes to close the door on the “ROIs,” “Rock Stars,” “Mavens,” “Unicorns,” “Data-Savviness,” “Clouds,” “Funnels,” “Stacks” and other terms that habitually take hostage of our collective thinking provides new perspectives with which we can tackle mounting content marketing challenges.

Here are a 5 infographics that have helped me (and others) do just that:


  1. Staying Happy & Healthy At Work


 Informative and incredibly instructional, this infographic illustrates a key characteristic of any great marketing content: clear guidance for improvement. (Something I'm all to often guilty of forgetting). 

2. Men’s Dress Code Made Simple


Easy-to-read, practical information that isn’t easily found in one place. And if you’re as stylistically challenged as I, this is a big deal. The main point: It’s incredibly helpful.

  1. Changes: The Career of David Bowie 


Aside from being very timely, this infographic displays an incredible wealth of info (temporal and relation-based) in a very small space. I can see this format working for a number of marketing projects that display the evolution of marketing trends and technology.

  1.  The Ultimate Batttle: Old vs. New Graphic Design

Old_vs_new_graphic_design.pngIt’s hard to beat this one for clarity, which makes sense as it’s about graphic design. One thing that we often forget while fully absorbed within a content marketing project is how easily our audience will consume the information we’re trying to convey. I, for one, often neglect the fact that my audience will be packing hours of my research into a matter of seconds – which means clarity is absolutely key.

  1. Millennials: Coming of Age

Millenials_infographic.pngThis infographic takes the cake for doing it all: it’s info-packed, clearly formatted, helpful, clever and interactive. A good infographic doesn’t need to have all these elements, but the ones that do almost always become great pieces of content marketing. Moreover, being interactive is becoming increasingly important; in fact, I’d bet it’ll be a necessity for most marketing infographics within a couple years.



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