Automated Demand Generation: What It Is and How to Get Started [eBook]

DocumentThumbnail_Landscape_AutoDemGen_v0.1-1If you’ve been paying attention to our content, you’ve likely noticed a lot of talk about automating demand gen. We recognize that this concept may be somewhat confusing as many marketers believe that their marketing automation systems (MAS) are already addressing the full spectrum of demand generation. But marketing automation really is only the starting point in our quest to leverage marketing technology to discover, engage and nurture prospects.

In order to provide a deeper understanding of why automated demand gen is a vital component in the development of an effective demand strategy, we’re releasing the “Intro to Automated Demand Gen: What It Means, Why It Matters and How to Get Started.” This eBook will walk you through the current state of demand generation so you can clearly see the results of the manual madness we’ve all come to accept as par for the course. You’ll also gain an understanding of the next steps towards automating your demand gen processes in order to eliminate wasted resources, improve data quality and drive marketing performance.

CarlosHidalgoquoteCarlos Hidalgo, CEO and Principal of Annuitas, says that “One of the reasons we are still seeing a challenge in Demand Generation is that many B2B marketers have fallen prey to the idea that marketing automation will drive Demand Generation.” MAS are really good at nurturing prospects once they’re in our databases. And marketing teams are getting better every day at reaching prospects via organic methods. But with increasing pipeline and revenue goals, the majority of marketers must look beyond organic and inbound efforts to third-party sources in order to generate the volume of prospects required to meet our initiatives. This typically takes the form of paid content syndication and lead gen, telemarketing and call generation, event marketing, even lists purchased from data vendors. This is where the madness begins.

There is a whole world of marketing activities that occur outside of MAS that are vital to our ability to acquire prospects for our nurturing efforts. This is the world of third-party demand gen and it’s remained largely untouched by the ongoing marketing tech revolution. Too many marketers believe that the manual effort required to execute and support demand programs is the acceptable norm – that it’s natural to take a month to launch a program and that excel is the best (or only) tool available to process and standardize data. These myths drain our resources, pollute our marketing databases and drastically hamper our ability to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Demand generation is in desperate need of innovation. Once we automate the processes required to manage our demand gen programs – from the third-party sources executing our campaigns to the resulting prospect data bound for our nurture tracks – we can finally reap the full rewards not only of our current tech systems but also of our richly talented marketing teams.

Download the “Intro to Automated Demand Gen” now. It will serve as a helpful guide on your quest to build a better demand engine.




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