Is ABM Right For Your B2B Marketing Team? New ABM Readiness Scorecard

I don’t think it’d be a stretch to say that by now most B2B marketing teams have at least discussed implementing an account-based market strategy. ABM’s benefits of efficacy and efficiency have been touted by B2B marketing analysts, influencers and practitioners for several years.  

However, as with everything in marketing, just because a specific marketing technology, strategy or “best practice” has gained a lot of attention, it doesn’t mean it’s right for every organization.

We created the below ABM Readiness Scorecard/Checklist to help your team determine whether ABM is right for your business.

Note: an effective ABM strategy doesn’t have to be all or nothing; some of the most successful demand generation teams apply account-based marketing campaigns to specific high-value accounts (whales), while sticking to the more traditional persona-targeting, lead volume model to attract a higher number of lower-value accounts.

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How The ABM Scorecard Works

Answer “Yes” or “No” for each of the 8 questions.

If your “Yes” totals greater than 5, account-based marketing is right for your organization.

If your “Yes” total is between 3 and 5, you may want to consider specific target-account campaigns, but not go “all in” on a holistic account-based marketing strategy.

If “Yes” to less than 3 questions, ABM is likely unnecessary for your business, or only applies to a very limited number of accounts.

Obviously, these are high-level guidelines. You may check off 6 of the 8 questions, but as Kathy Maachi stated in a recent interview, if you don't have buy-in from your sales team, you’re not going to want to launch an account-based strategy until you do.

For more templates, guidance and expert tips, click here to get the new workbook: “Developing and Account-Based Marketing Program, 2nd Ed.” 




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