Just Media Redefines the B2B Marketing Agency Model

JM_case_study_blog_image.pngB2B marketing agencies must be much more than just media buyers these days. With all the channels available to engage prospective customers, they must possess not only extensive media relationships and experience, but also the analytical skills and technological know-how to continuously identify which channels are working and why. Tech-enabled, data-driven media expertise is the new agency formula – one that Just Media is pioneering.

The reinvention of the B2B agency model is a result of several factors: primarily the proliferation of MarTech and its adoption by marketers. B2B marketers have developed sophisticated marketing tech stacks that run on a growing amount of data that has inevitably transformed the way they do their jobs. Consequently, media agencies are having to align their tech, data and processes with each of their clients.

Read the full, ungated Just Media case study here…no lead info required.

B2B media agencies have been handed a new set of requirements:

  1. Speed: ensuring their top-funnel media processes are as quick as their clients’ marketing-automated mid-funnel processes (i.e., lead velocity)
  2. Flexibility: developing a marketing tech infrastructure that’s able to work with each of its clients MarTech stacks
  3. Transparency: providing a holistic, real-time view of all media efforts and the analytical expertise to inform optimizations and future strategies

As Dick Reed (CEO, Just Media) puts it:

“Client objectives dictate the media channels used, so maintaining an infrastructure of expertise and technical sophistication among all media channels is essential…. We have to be nimble and work within client systems, and we must have our own tech the client can tap into if they don’t have that infrastructure themselves.”

Check out the new case study to see how Just Media is nailing each of these challenges by developing a flexible tech infrastructure and focusing on data expertise.

You can get the ungated case study here.



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