Marketing Operations – A Skill Game [Infographic]

marketing operations game guyOver the last year, we’ve interviewed a lot of marketing operations practitioners. Those that come to mind quickest include Leslie Cocco Alore of Iron Mountain, Gary Katz of Marketing Operations Partners, Tom Kahana of Imprivata and Jennifer Clegg of CA Technologies.

These numerous conversations highlighted the most common, daunting pain points (pun slightly intended) that MarOps pros face on a daily basis. And more importantly, they inspired me to rip off the creative genius of everyone’s favorite 1960s board game: Operation.

I’m typically not one for puns, but this was just too easy to pass up.

The infographic obviously doesn’t hit every existing challenge besetting the marketing operations community, but it gets those we’ve seen to be most pivotal. If we’re missing any major marketing ops challenges, let me know and we’ll make this game a little bigger.

[Click image to enlarge]

marketing operations skill game infographic

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